Australian Organic Brandy.

Harris Organic has been in the Swan Valley for 16 years, we specialise in preservative free wines and Organic Brandy. We have a range of organic brandy from Pedro Ximenez to Liqueur Tokay, and Sparkling Blanc de Blanc. All are available from our Swan Valley distillery.

Harris is the only organic distillery in Australia where you can buy their VSOP Organic Brandy, you can vist them at the cellar door or shop online at our organic shop. We are located in the Swan Valley on the Corner of Memorial Avenue and the Great Northern Highway. The Valley is 30km north of Perth city centre and we specialise strictly in Brandy and other swan valley wines.

Harris Organic is in Western Australia. Duncan's ancestors were an entrepreneurial lot, with one Francois Girard, owning the Sydney Hotel and another, Michael Hayes, operating one of the first illegal Brandy and Rum distilleries in Australia. The first sparkling wine that was made on the premises is named "Madeleine Claire" after their daughter - this Taditional Method Champaign (Baskervilloise) is a vintage sparkling Chardonnay and Shiraz. Duncan built the low energy underground cellar in 2001 – a much greener method (than that of artificial temperature control), great to store Organic Brandy in here as the Swan Valley is hot!

The Swan Valley cellar is made of double brick which is perfect for keeping Brandy inside! Which has 100 mm concrete reinforced infill. The area is the oldest wine region in Western Australia and one of the hottest grape growing regions in the world, perfect for VSOP Organic Brandy. The region is very convenient for visitors to Perth – ideal for a day-trip as there are many attractions. Everything is done by hand; from pruning to most importantly, the picking of the fruit in late summer, great for growing grapes to make Brandy this means there are no machine battered vines or wines here – you could say that we are happy producers of “free range" wines. Our Brandy is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and low sodium diets. Our VSOP Brandy and Eau de Vie are preservative free, unfined and unfiltered. Our Swan Valley winery sits on 3ha of land with 3000 vines available to make our Swan Valley Brandy in a cognac style.

Organic BrandyWe have a delightful 750mL bottle of Organic Brandy available

Swan Valley Organic Brandy
Organic Swan Valley Brandy 375ml

Harris Organic Brandy (750ml) is the only Australian certified organic brandy. Note: Our Brandy is also available in 375ml bottles on line at our wine shop and 350mL bottles at our Swan Valley cellar door.
Double-distilled using a wood-fired pot still this hand-made brandy is evocative of the old brandies made at Cognac in France. Once the spirit has been collected it is placed in small oak casks in the underground cellar to mature for a minimum of 4 years (our bottles are labelled with the distillation and the bottling dates). Volume is 750 mL and alcohol content is 40%. This brandy has complex characters that include caramel, toffee, notes of orange, vanilla, smoky spice and cloves. This single vintage brandy has the date of distillation and date of bottling on the back label.

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A review by Simon.
I have tasted your product and I have also tasted normal commercial VSOP brandy, and I really like the taste of yours. Prompt delivery of your products is also very good, in view that it is shipped from Australia. On the packaging I notice it has the chop "Security Screened". I guess that is because the description is only "personal" to avoid import custom issue, so the staff and custom department do not know what it is. I think it shouldn't affect its taste much.

The Harris Organic Winemaker loves to make Organic Brandy and prides himself in having them with no sulphites. Organic Brandy is available from the Online Shop (whilst stocks last).

Introductory Offer for new members – mixed case of a wide range of our Swan Valley fine wines – from full-bodied reds and Brandy through to luscious dessert wines and traditional method champers.

Thereafter - 3 monthly deliveries of natural wine including Brandy in early in the months of March, June, September and Decemberunless otherwise requested) of 6 or 12 wines – all our cases are all from our vineyard and winery.

Selections will be sent out in early March, June, September and December – these are sensational times of the year from organic Sparkling (traditional method) Champers at Christmas and New Year to some lusciously seductive dessert wines in autumn, full-bodied warm reds in winter as well and look then forward to the chilled dry white Verdelho at a Spring luncheon.

Duncan and Deborah Harris tend the vines and sell only at the cellar door and through the online shop.

Duncan began making wine in 1994, making unfortified preservative free dessert wines. In 1998 he purchased the Baskerville property, starting from "scratch", the first Brandy vines were planted in 1999. In early 2001, Duncan fortuitously became a full-time vigneron. It was also the year that he became a Brandy God to the critics! A very good year! In his thirteen plus years of viticulture, peer reviews of his wines have been positive, with high ratings by writers, judges and many happy bottle lovers. The Handbook of Horticulture and Viticulture of Western Australia. In 1921 "The Handbook of Horticulture and Viticulture of Western Australia" was published by the WA Department of Agriculture, and details how to make organic Brandy, Written by a Adrien d'Espeissis, a good man who had not only great practical intent in compiling the handbook, but also empathy and commitment to the endeavours of the collective populace of his adopted home; the state of Western Australia. Duncan Harris is only one of many agriculturalist or viticulturalist who has been inspired and instructed by "The Handbook" extensivley over the years (since starting his venture into viticulture and winemaking). It was because his own 1921 version was falling apart that Duncan decided to undertake the daunting and time-consuming task of re-printing this wonderful book on behalf of others (as well as for himself!). The first 25 pages of the 3rd Edition and last (including the contents page) of the 633 pages plus index plus photographs (689 pages in total). You will see the pages are clean and there are no spelling mistakes or spills of Brandy!! This is not a cheapo OCR scanned copy!. If you would like to order a Handbook download an order form or call us we might even sell you a bottle of Brandy down the phone!!. The Handbook of Horticulture and Viticulture of Western Australia 3rd Edition. Our Web Site contains links to other Web Sites web sites of third parties ("external sites") as a convenience to you, operated by other entities and persons. We are not required to make Brandy or maintain or update the links to the wine shop. We do not control the information collected on these web Sites; and is not responsible for their policies and practices. They do not form part of our privacy statement; and we would encourage you to preview their privacy policies before disclosing any of your personal information to them. Harris accepts no liability for drunken antics caused by excessive Brandy consumption in the Swan Valley!