Swan Valley Winery Lunch

Case Buyers – Winery Lunch

Long Lunch and a long table
Long Lunch at Harris Organic

Food & Organic Wine Lunch

Come to a Swan Valley winery lunch in the underground cellar with the organic winemaker, where we are hosting a Spring long table lunch.

This event has developed over the years for our honoured guests and supporters of Harris Organic Wines. We have now called it the “Case Buyers Lunch“.

Be our guests and enjoy a delicious three-course feast with winemaker Duncan, including lots of organic wines to match the foods. While you are in the underground cellar, experience a barrel tasting of some rich liqueurs.

The Swan Valley is renowned for making liqueur wines, as we have a special climate for growing and ripening special grapes for the purpose.

The cost of the degustation includes a discount on our organic wines for you to take home.
Ph: (08) 9296 0216.  for more information contact Harris Organic Wines.

chicken in cellar
chicken in cellar

Down in the underground cellar amongst the casks of organic wine awaiting your arrival. The underground cellar was built in 2001. The 300 mm thick walls hold back the 4 metres of earth. Meanwhile, the roof is also 300 mm thick and is strong enough to have a bus drive across it. 

Serving Dessert
Serving Dessert

Case Buyers Lunch

Dessert sometimes consists of a slice of salted caramel tart or tartlet, this year the mulberries have finished early.

Last years menu consisted of :

The Menu: Entree: Cold savoury platter of selected cheeses, dips and bread served with verdelho and chenin blanc.

Main Course:  a hot savoury platter to share and a vibrant and colourful salad served with shiraz and chardonnay.

Dessert: Salted caramel chocolate praline tart served with rose muscat and our nine-year-old liqueur verdelho.

Also, the above will be similar but not the same as the last long lunch.

Book now for the next long lunch at Harris Organic Wines when you buy a case of Harris Organic wine.

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