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Thank you for your interest in winery camping at our Perth winery.

Harris Organic was the only certified organic vineyards and winery farm in Perth with camping. Due to GOVERNMENT regulations we are no longer able to host you, unless you come and visit us first.

Vineyard Camping

We are careful at what we do and that's why we are the best organic farm in Perth.

Swan Valley Camping

Come winery camping at Harris Organic in Perth's Swan Valley. Camping at the only certified organic block in Perth with vineyards and orchard. It is the ideal place to base yourself to enjoy the picturesque wine region of the Swan Valley and close enough to Perth, just 30km away. There is space to camp with a tent or pull up your van or RV. No power is available and there are toilets on site.

These northern Perth based campsites will suit couples who are travelling and would like to explore the north eastern metropolitan area. There is only ONE campsite to choose from. The toilet block has a shower and two toilets.

Please ensure you have your own cooking facilities as no open fires are permitted.
Unfortunately our hipcamp property is not pet-friendly nor child friendly as it is a working farm.

We also recycle our waste. Customers are welcome to return our organic wine bottles for a $1 deposit on their next purchase.

Winery Camping

You can camp in a tent, recreational vehicle RV, caravan or pop top camper at a winery in Perth's Swan Valley. There is a great range of things to do including visit Swan Valley Wineries and Swan Valley Restaurants.

35 Amazing Benefits of Camping

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HipCamp Australia - Certified Organic and Carbon Neutral

Since the end of 2019 we have had a large number of campers appreciate our Australian rural property in the Perth metro area. We have the only certified organic block of land in Perth. Access is easy and there is plenty of space to explore in the Swan Valley Wine region.
Certified Carbon Neutral
We planted a green belt of trees and installed 34 solar panels producing a maximum of 7.5kW of power to offset our electricity and hydrocarbon fuel usage - See our Carbon Neutral certificate.

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