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Organic Dessert Wines - Muscat, Verdelho, Pedro Ximenez and Shiraz.

Harris Organic makes organic dessert wines

Harris Organic Wines - Organic Dessert Wines

Unique organic dessert wines.

Duncan Harris makes the only certified organic dessert wines ports in Australia.

Liqueur Muscat 375mL
Liqueur Muscat 375mL

Late picked "Muscat a petits grains" from our Baskerville vineyard was crushed and fermented with natural yeast to 6 Baume'.
After basket pressing and transferred to an open fermenter, the ferment continued at 25C. Once the ferment had slowed, the wine was stored in oak barriques with yeast lees and cellared underground for maturation. After two summers the wine was bottled with natural cork. This wine has no sulphites or sulfide or alcohol added. It is not clarified or filtered. A unique and a truly natural sweet wine.

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Liqueur Tokay NAP
Liqueur Tokay 375ml

Harris Organic Liqueur Tokay is a fortified wine. Ripe Organic Muscadelle was crushed before ferment began with natural yeasts - continuing to 30ÂșC through 6 Baume'. The 'must' is drained and basket pressed before returning to open fermenter. Once the ferment has slowed the wine is fortified with organic brandy and pumped to oak barriques with light yeast lees for cellaring underground for maturation. After a minimim of two summers the wine is bottled. This organic dessert wine has little preservative or alcohol added as it has natural stability. A unique certified organic liqueur sweet wine.

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Pedro Ximenez 375ml - Bronze Medal
Pedro Ximenez 375ml - Bronze Medal

A burnished golden colour with flavours of honey and butterscotch. This wine has a sweet but deeply complex finish that is beautifully balanced.
Alcohol fortification with brandy spriit brings the alcohol up to 19%.
"This unique and exquisite wine is a favourite served as an aperitif or with desserts" 2009 vintage. Food - very nice with a cheese platter or even a dessert of pancakes, waffles or icecream. "Great stuff. Ray Jordan 90/100". Go to the organic wine shop and get it now.

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Dessert Wines

Organic wine starts in the vineyard.

Rose Muscat - Moscato

Rose is a sweet style table wine made by gently crushing red muscat grapes. The full flavoured wine is sweet but complex and delightful to the palate with a dry finish. Rose petals on the nose. The wine is matured for 6 months before bottling. A slightly pink wine has aromas of red roses with a rich, sweet, rounded palate and fresh acidity. It has an appealing texture and pleasing palate.
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Liqueur Shiraz
Dessert Shiraz - 375ml

This pure liqueur shiraz has a rich ruby colour with flavours of savoury spice. A well balanced wine, this unique wine is a beautiful fortified dessert wine. Fortified, i.e. a low 18.5% alcohol, not fined nor filtered. No animal products were used in the making of this wine.

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White Port - Creme de vin - 750mL
White Port - Creme de vin

A light golden colour and a palate of creamy peach, pear and toffee flavours. Described as White Port - this wine has a sweet yet complex finish and a great balance. Delightful with pomme fruits and cream or on its own, a soft fortified dessert wine 16% Alc 750 mL. We call it "Creme de Vin", said with a French accent.
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Harris Organic Wines has a fine collection of Sweet and Dessert wines ranging from Liqueur Shiraz to Muscat, Muscadelle and Pedro Ximenez All are available from our online store today.

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