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Welcome to Harris Organic. We are thankful you are interested in our special organic brandy.

Harris Organic is the only certified organic distillery in Perth.

Harris Organic - Organic Brandy

We are great at what we do and that's why we are the best organic brandy distillery in Australia.
Harris Organic has been in the Swan Valley for over 20 years, we specialise in organic wines and organic brandy spirits. We have a wide range of wine and spirits from organic brandy, and fortified wines like Pedro Ximenez and Liqueur Tokay, and Sparkling Blanc de Blanc wines. All are available from our Swan Valley winery and distillery cellar door.

We are the only organic brandy distillery in Australia where you can buy brandy online. Our Organic Brandy is great, you can vist us at our cellar door or shop online at our organic brandy shop.
We are located in the Swan Valley on the corner of Memorial Avenue and the Great Northern Highway. The Swan Valley is 30km north east of Perth city centre and we specialise strictly in brandy, vodka and other Swan Valley wine styles.

The current release brandy is not a blend, but a single vintage. Get your organic brandies from our Organic online Store today.
We have 750mL bottles of Organic Brandy available.
Organic Brandy
Organic Swan Valley Brandy 375ml

Our organic Brandy is the only certified Australian organic brandy.
Double-distilled using a wood-fired pot still this hand-made organic brandy is evocative of the old brandies made at Cognac in France. Once the brandy spirit has been collected it is placed in small oak casks in the underground cellar to mature for a minimum of 3 years (our bottles are labelled with the distillation and the bottling dates). Volume is 750 mL and alcohol content is 40%. The brandy has complex characters that include caramel, toffee, notes of orange, vanilla, smoky spice and cloves. The single vintage brandy has the date of distillation and date of bottling on the back label.

Buy Organic Brandy from the Organic Brandy shop today.
A review by Simon.
I have tasted your product and I have also tasted normal commercial VSOP brandy, and I really like the taste of yours. Prompt delivery of your products is also very good, in view that it is shipped from Australia to Hongkong. On the packaging I notice it has the chop "Security Screened". I guess that is because the description is only "personal" to avoid import custom issue, so the staff and custom department do not know what it is. I think it shouldn't affect its taste much.

Harris Organic loves to make Organic Brandy and prides himself in having organic brqandy with no sulphites or additions. Organic Brandy is available from the online shop (whilst stocks last).

What is Unwooded Organic Brandy

Unwooded brandy is a alcoholic spirit made by the distillation of a grape based wine without the influence of being stored in oak casks. It is a clear flavoursome spirit with forty percent alcohol.
We call it "Eau de Vie", meaning water of life, in French. Harris Organic unwooded Brandy is the only certified organic brandy in Australia. Replicating the authentic method of double-distilling using a wood-fired pot still this hand-made brandy is evocative of grape based eau de vies. Once the spirit has been collected it is placed in drums in the underground cellar before the addition of rain water and bottling. The alcohol content is 40% abv.

This hand made Australian brandy has fine characters that include fruits, toffee, spice and cloves. The current release brandy is not a blend of brandies, but a single vintage.
It is not fined or filtered, ie no additives are added. You can find the prices from our Organic Shop here.

Uses for organic unwooded brandy

There are many uses for organic unwooded brandy. It is a versatile spirit used for cooking, consumption, medicinal purposes, homeopaths, tinctures and herbal recipes. Many French cooks use Eau de Vie in their traditional recipes, either for flavour or for flambes. It can be consumed for a spirit based drink, or on the rocks. As a night cap, it can be used for medicinal purposes. Homeopaths use it to conserve their remedies and develop their tinctures and organic herbal remedies. There are many recipes that can be found on the internet. Use "google scholar" to review the ideal recipes for your use.

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What we do ?

Organic Brandy making
Harris Organic is the only certified organic brandy distillery in Perth making all its brandy spirits from organic grapes.
Organic distilling
Harris Organic is the only certified organic brandy distillery in Australia. We use our organic grapes as the base for our organic fortified wines, brandy, Eau de Vie and Vodka.
Online Sales
As we sell direct to you, through our online brandy shop, our prices and quality are better than anywhere in Australia. You can buy Harris Organic brand of brandy online. We can ship or post it to you anywhere in Australia.


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