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Organic Pedro Ximenez Sherry

Harris Organic makes the only certified pedro ximenez sherry in Perth.

Organic Pedro Ximenez Dessert Wine

We are great organic viticulturists and that's why we have the best organic pedro ximenez port in Australia.
What is Pedro Ximenez Sherry?

Pedro ximenez sherry is the name of a white Spanish grape variety. Sometimes it is called pedro ximenes or just PX. It has been grown in Spain for centuries.
The first plants that came to Western Australia were taken by British settlers as cuttings from the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa in the early 1830's. The vines are vigourous on the rich alluvial soils of the Swan Valley with its Mediterranean climate. The vines produce large bunches of white grapes.
To maximize the grape sugar levels the vines have to be meticulously maintained through the growing season. To make the rich and luscious liqueur PX sherry wine that is renown worldwide the sugar level has to be extra-ordinary high. This is achieved by letting the grapes ripen and shrivel as raisins on the vine in the warm autumn sunshine.

Tasting notes:

The colour of the wine is a burnished golden colour with full flavours of honey, butterscotch and raisin pudding. This pedro ximenez port has a complex, lingering sweetness that is beautifully acid balanced. Enjoy with cheeses, dried fruits or with a dessert of your choice, we prefer pancakes and healthy ice-cream. All are available from our organic wine shop.

Harris Organic Wines was established in the Swan Valley of Perth in 1998. We specialise in certified organic fortified sweet wines made from pedro ximenez grapes. We have a range of organic dessert wines from pedro ximenez to liqueur tokay, classic liqueur muscat and liqueur shiraz and vintage port made from shiraz. More information can be found at our blog page about Pedro ximenez.

You can visit the Harris Organic cellar door and buy pedro ximenez or shop on-line at our on-line wine shop. We are located in Baskerville on the corner of Memorial Avenue and the Great Northern Highway in the Swan Valley. The Swan Valley is located 30km north east of Perth city centre, Western Australia.

Australian Pedro Ximenez

Australian pedro ximenez

A white Spanish grape pedro ximenez does exceptionally well in the vine-growing region of the Swan Valley. This award-winning organic wine began existence as grapes that were hand thinned at the green berry stage so that the vine can sun-ripen its remaining grapes to raisins of very high sugar levels, without irrigation.

Pedro ximenez is available in 375 mL bottles and in bulk cubes. Buy their beautiful fortified style wines from their Wine Shop today.

Pedro ximenez wine-making

Fortified pedro ximenez wine-making

Very sweet and ripe and sun-dried organic pedro ximenez grapes are crushed, de-stemmed before being pumped to a fermenting tank. The ferment is started with natural yeasts and continues at 20C until the ferment has proceeded through about 2-3 degrees of sugar reduction.

The skins are drained and basket pressed, the juice returned to an open fermenter under the winery verandah. The ferment continues at 20-25 degrees Celsius until the wine-maker determines it is the correct time to fortify the wine with our organic brandy spirit. Once the ferment has stopped the wine is pumped to oak hogsheads for underground cellaring and maturation. After a minimum of four years, the wine is bottled and sealed.

This wine has organic neutral brandy added and is about 18% alcohol. Some preservatives in the way of sulphites are added. It is clarified and filtered before bottling. Harris recommends consuming within one month after opening, as we want you to come back for more.

Alcohol - 17+% pH 3.9, Residual Sugar - 10+ Baume'. Total sulphides SO2, less than 100 ppm.

The hand picked raisins produce a luscious dessert wine in a pedro ximenez (PX) sherry style. This luscious sweet dessert is one of the best Australian dessert wines in Perth Western Australia's Swan wine district.

Did You Know

Pedro ximénez is probably the sweetest wine in the world? Despite this, its complexity of aroma and flavour make it fresh and harmonious on the palate as a result of the natural process of raisining by “asoleo”, or drying the ripening grapes on the vine. This concentrates the grape sugars but also the grapes natural acidity.

Buy pedro ximenez port from the Online Wine Shop today. This beautiful pedro ximenez, you will be impressed your friends.

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Foods to go with organic Pedro Ximenez

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Organic Winemaking
We make pedro ximenez (PX) from the only certified organic vineyard in Perth's Swan Valley in a fortified sherry style. Pedro ximenez is one of the best Australian dessert wines.
Organic vineyard
Harris Organic is the only certified organic vineyard in the Swan Valley. We do not use synthetic herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers to grow pedro ximenez.
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As we sell direct to you, through our online organic sherry shop, our organic pedro ximenez price and quality are better than anywhere.