Australian White Port Wine

Welcome to Harris Winery. We are thankful you are interested in our special white port wine.

Harris Organic makes the best white port wine in Western Australia.

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Sweet White Port Wine

We are the best white port wine maker in Australia.

What is organic white port wine?

Our sweet white port wine is a fortified sweet white port wine made from white grapes and fortified with our alcohol brandy spirit. The name Port comes from the word Porto in Portugal. At Harris Organic we fortify our white port with our certified organic neutral brandy spirit made on our premises from the stills at Harris Organic. This makes the only organic white port wine in Australia.

We make a delightful 750mL bottle of creamy sweet white Port wine. Our sweet white port has a light golden colour with a palate of creamy peach, pear and toffee flavours. Described as sweet White Port - this wine has a sweet yet complex finish and a great acid balance. Delightful with a dessert of pears and cream or on its own, a soft sweet dessert wine with 16% alcohol. Now available in 750 mL bottles.

We call it "Creme de Vin", said with a French accent. It is made from sun ripened pedro ximenez and chardonnay. Hand picked and crushed to an open fermenter the must is allowed to naturally ferment until the winemaker decides to add the alcoholic brandy spirit. At that time the fermentation is arrested and the sweetness of the wine conserved. Once the sweet port wine has settled is racked to a stainless tank, filtered and bottled ready for immediate enjoyment by your family and friends.
The current release of white port is not a blend of sweet port wines, but a single vintage.
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What we do ?

Organic Port Winemaking
Harris Organic is the best certified organic port winery in Perth's Wine Region. The organic port wines are made on the premises by the wine maker, Duncan Harris using his own organic grape brandy.
Organic Distilling
Harris Organic is the best certified organic white port maker in Australia. We use our organic grapes as the base for our organic white port, and spirits, namely organic brandy, gin and organic vodka.
Where to buy white port wine?
As we sell direct to you, at our cellar door or through our online port wine shop, our organic port wine prices and quality are better than anywhere in Perth. Buy the best white port wine

White Port Staff

The staff are our assistants in the vineyard. The rare lizard can be found sunning themselves in the winter months in the organic vines. The preying mantis is a boon to any vineyard keeping check on insect numbers. The golden ord spider spins a large golden permanent web to catch their prey during the day and night. These guys are miracle workers when it comes to keeping insect numbers in balance.
Race Horse Lizard-CEO
Praying Mantis-Deputy
Golden Orb-Worker