Harris Organic Winemaker - Swan Valley

Duncan Harris is a finalist for Organic Farmer of the Year 2018.

Duncan Harris, the organic winemaker, has the best organic vineyard in Perth.

Duncan's ancestors were an entrepreneurial lot, with one Francois Girard, owning the Sydney Hotel (1828) and as a mechanical engineer, he spent every spare moment working to establish his winemaker’s dream of being an organic winemaker and growing an organic vineyard and building winemaking facilities at his Baskerville property. The winery cellar door opened in the year 2000, now celebrating 20 years in 2018.

In 20 years, Duncan has built the winery and made improvements to his winemaking processes, including more stainless tanks, a new 1982 press and grape crusher. A refrigeration plant prepares wines for optimum enjoyment.
In 2007 Duncan set up a small scale distillery to make organic vodka and brandy, the only organic brandy in Australia.

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Winemaking Awards

Liqueur Shiraz
Liqueur Shiraz-Gold Medal
Shiraz 2008
Shiraz 2008-Bronze Medal
vintage Shiraz organic port
2015 Vintage Port-Silver Medal
Pedro Ximenez-Bronze Medal pedro ximenez
Pedro Ximenez-Bronze Medal
Classic Liqueur Muscat - Silver Medal Classic Liqueur Muscat
Classic Liqueur Muscat - Silver Medal

What we do ?

Organic Winemaker
Duncan Harris has the only certified organic winery in Perth. He uses natural yeasts in his primary ferments. He specialises in hot climate winemaking, making the best certified organic ports in Australia. Honoured with Finalist for Farmer of the Year in 2018.
Organic distilling
Harris Organic is the only certified organic distillery in Australia. We use our organic grapes as the base for our organic Brandies, Moonshine, Gin and Vodka.
Organic Winemaker
Duncan the winemaker sells his produce through his organic cellar door or through his online wine shop, the organic wine prices and quality are better than anywhere in Perth. Open from Wednesday to Monday 11am to 4.30pm. Tuesday by appointment.

Come and visit the organic winemaker.

Wine making - Swan Valley from Harris Organic Wines on Youtube.