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Harris Organic is a certified organic winery in the Perth metropolitan region, namely the Swan Valley. We love what we do and that's why we have the best organic wines in Perth. Duncan Harris owner and winemaker, makes different types of certified organic wines from dry whites and reds, flor fino sherry to medal winning liqueur ports. Here are some of the pictures from around the vineyard and home to give you a vision of what you may find at Harris Organic Wine and Spirits. We started the winery and vineyard in 1998, producing the first vintage from Swan Valley grapes in 1999. On the day of the eclipse we crushed the 1999 dry grown shiraz which was hand picked. The holes in the winery roof showed little eclipses all over the floor of the winery. Duncan has a flock of organic chickens which are very useful in an organic vineyard. The winery cellar door is open five days a week for tasting and sales in a casual seated environment.

Natural Organic Wine is Produced Without Pesticides

Various examinations have demonstrated that showering grapes with poison can cause a great deal of harm, to us, however, also to nature.

Wine grapes are rarely sprayed with a larger number of synthetics poisons than the table grapes you can buy at your nearby general store, particularly one from the United States of America. Thus, choosing locally produced natural organic wine is a decision that can truly support the earth.

Organic wine grapes don't need to be grown and ripened with pesticides. It used to be believed that pesticides were required to deliver any conventional yields,

yet current strategies permit us to create unmistakably more than previously, all without the utilization of pesticides. Its all about soil enrichment and nutrients.

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