Food Grade Ethanol - 95%

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Food Grade Ethanol - 95%

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Food Grade Ethanol, Organic Alcohol 95% or 190 proof ethanol

Harris Organic food-grade ethanol is the only certified organic grape alcohol made in Australia. We are very proud to be the only certified organic grape distillery in Australia making our own pure ethanol alcoholic spirit. Such a dedicated approach to creating our own organic ethanol and organic alcohol is rarely seen in the industry and offers you a first-hand experience from vine to bottle. 
Pure ethanol is not double distilled but distilled many times to produce the purest natural ethanol.  This pure clear organic alcohol is bottled directly from the still.   Available in 375 ml bottles, we use this organic ethanol grape spirit for herbalists, tinctures and extraction of flavours from herbs and spices. This is an alternative to grain alcohol Australia. 

95% ethanol, undenatured ethyl alcohol is potable food-grade ethanol suitable for applications where the higher odour or presence of other denaturants makes conventional methylated spirits unsuitable.

What can I use instead of grain alcohol?

You can use pure alcohol for perfume, for tinctures, herbal essences and extraction of elements from herbs, organic grape ethanol will do the same job.  

This pure 95% or 190 proof alcoholic food grade ethanol has no sulphites or any other chemicals or filtering agent added.  ie No additives, no perfumes, no oils, no sugar, no fat, no acid added in these products, just grapes and rainwater. The alcohol content is 95% by volume or 190 proof alcohol by volume.  Also known as Everclear in the USA. 

What can I use instead of grain alcohol?

"Real" Everclear is 190 proof (95% alcohol). An American rectified ethanol not sold in Australia. If you're looking for a substitute for grain alcohol, you can use our organic grape alcohol instead of Everclear.

NB This 95% per cent or 190 proof alcohol is NOT for drinking unless diluted to less than 40%. It is for medicinal purposes only, ideal for hand sanitiser, tinctures or natural perfume base or used as a food-grade organic alcohol..

This is an alternative to buying "organic grain alcohol 190 proof Australia", or "pure grain alcohol Australia" or "190 proof alcohol Australia" or "Everclear alcohol Australia"

If you would like to purchase, ie buy ethanol in greater quantities of Everclear alcohol and are residing in Australia, please contact the organic store and discuss your needs for food-grade alcohol. 

Alcohol is ethanol, yes it is. there are several forms of alcohol. The one humans use is ethanol or called ethyl alcohol. Methanol is another derivative, which is poisonous to humans.

What is Certified Organic Ethanol?

All types of organic ethanol are produced using methods from organic farming in which the grapes are grown without pesticides, artificial fertilizers or herbicides and are processed without preservatives or food additives. Certified organic ethanol is regulated by AQIS and can be used as food-grade ethanol for human consumption. The new label also says it is highly flammable, so you should treat it like petrol, meanwhile, the old label says its 40% alc, but don't believe it as it is 95% or 190 proof.

Do you have an excise permit? 

Did you know that one litre of Australian organic ethanol or alcohol attracts about $82 of excise payable to the ATO? If you would like to save dollars on your Everclear ethanol alcohol,  Australian made, then an excise permit may assist you. If you are a professional practitioner you may contact the ATO excise section and ask them about receiving a permit for food grade alcohol.

More information on food grade alcohol.

I have found a great site with info on food grade alcohol. Check this out for 

  • Hemp and Cannabis Extraction.
  • Botanical Tinctures and Topicals.
  • Flavour Extracts (Vanilla, Citrus, Root, Botanical).
  • Mushroom Tinctures, Chaga decoctions.

Can you buy 100% alcohol?

No, you cant. Simply, the way the alcoholic spirit is made in a column still and the mixture of ethanol and water becomes a minimum-boiling azeotrope at this 96.2 % concentration. This means that about 96% ABV is the maximum percentage of alcohol that can be obtained without chemically drying the alcoholic spirit. If you are looking for rubbing alcohol which is made from isopropyl alcohol than that is different from food-grade alcohol for diluting for drinking.

Tumeric tinctures

You can use Everclear to make Tumeric tinctures, however, you can use our vodka instead at a better price. Its 40% ethanol, which is enough alcohol to give you a stable tincture. 

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