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Best Distillery Tour in the Swan Valley

Swan Valley Distillery Tours - Perth

There are lots of distilleries in Perth, the best Swan Valley distillery tours in Perth is in Baskerville.

This distillery tour consists of a walking tour and a spirit tasting at Harris Organic Wine and Spirits.

If you are looking for places to visit near Perth and you like fine spirits, there are over 3 Swan Valley distilleries in the Perth wine region called the Swan Valley. The Swan Valley is within the bounds of the Perth metropolitan area and in the wine region called Swan Districts. There is a distillery tour in the Swan Valley to assist you on your journey of exploring the Swan Valley.

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Yes, just in case you have something happen we have a Cancellation Policy so it covers missed opportunities.

What to bring

Please bring a smile and we suggest you wear walking shoes, close footwear, and no high heels.

Perth's only Organic Swan Valley distillery tour!

Duration 50 minutes
About - Distillery Tours - Perth
Come to Perth's only organic vineyard and Swan Valley distillery. The informative tour starts at a casual 11 am. Duncan Harris, owner and distiller will explain what’s happening in the vineyard, his sustainable vineyard and what he does to make an excellent organic harvest and great organic brandy. Then a guided tour of the distillery, underground cellar, and an organic brandy or gin tasting.
These unique tours, led by the organic distiller, are available daily, except Tuesday and Wednesday. Tour and tasting of up to 8 persons take up to 50 minutes. Tours are designed for those who would like to appreciate the behind-the-scenes workings of a small organic brandy distillery.
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What's included in the Distillery Tour?

There are a few things included in the Swan Valley distillery tour.
  • Tours of the distillery with the distiller
  • Tasting of organic Vodka, Gin, Pisco and Brandy with the distiller
  • Organic Vodka, Gin or Brandy is available for purchase for home consumption.

Memorial Avenue - Baskerville - Swan Valley - Perth

In 1829 Captain Stirling returned to Western Australia to form a colony of British settlers. As progress was made the colonists found the rich fertile soils in the Swan Valley. In 1922 the Swan Valley - Baskerville area between the Swan river and Great Northern Highway was subdivided for viticulture. Celebrating a century of viticulture in 2022. Later called the Paris end of the Swan Valley.

How to get to the Paris End of the Swan Valley?

To get to a Swan Valley distillery in Memorial Avenue.
Check out the Swan Valley wineries map or continue along the Great Northern Highway until you reach Memorial Avenue. Turn west into Memorial Avenue. The first of four distilleries is Harris Organic Wine and Spirits opposite John Kosovich Wines, right on the corner.

If you live "north of the river" you may enter the Swan Valley from the northern end via West Swan road or Gnangara road. Once you reach the intersection of Great Northern highway, turn right and head towards Midland for about a kilometre. Memorial Avenue is on your right hand side.

Swan Valley distillery

Tasting - Swan Valley
All the Perth distilleries in Memorial Avenue use grapes grown in their own vineyards and make the brandy and gin on the premises. Therefore, you can have an authentic Swan Valley tasting when you visit Harris Organic distillery in Memorial Avenue.
Swan Valley - Cellar Doors
Named the "Paris End of the Swan Valley", all the Swan Valley Cellar Door varying from traditional stand up tastings to seated tastings with the distiller.
Swan valley vineyards
There are four Swan Valley vineyards who make wine in Memorial Avenue. See below; they are Harris Organic Wines, John Kosovich, Mann and Upperreach. Upperreach has a restaurant called River Brook.

  • Swan Valley distilleries - Harris Organic
    Form one Planet - Harris Organic
  • Swan Valley distillery - John Kosovich Wines
    Entrance - John Kosovich
  • Swan Valley distilleries - Mann
    Anthea and Dorham Mann - Mann
  • Swan Valley Restaurants - Upperreach
    Swan Valley Lunch - Upper Reach

In addition to its other outstanding attributes, this Swan Valley Distillery stands out as a true one-man band in the industry.

From the planting and tending of the vines to the meticulous distillation process, the owner and distiller personally oversees every aspect of production.

This hands-on approach ensures a level of dedication and attention to detail that is reflected in the exceptional quality of the spirits.

Furthermore, the distillery prides itself on using organic grapes sourced from local vineyards in the Swan Valley region. By prioritizing sustainability and organic practices, the distillery not only produces spirits of exceptional taste but also contributes to the preservation of the environment.

This commitment to using organic grapes not only enhances the flavours and aromas of the spirits but also showcases the distillery's dedication to creating products that are both ethically and environmentally conscious.

    Swan Valley Distilleries

  • Old Youngs

    Gin Tasting
    West Swan Road
  • Swan Valley Gin

    Swan Valley Gin
    Great Northern Highway
  • Great Northern

    Great Northern
    Great Northern Highway

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