Swan Valley Wineries Map

Swan Valley Wineries

Swan Valley Wineries Map

Swan Valley Map

Click on the Swan Valley map for attractions. To open a larger version of the Swan Valley map.
swan valley wineries map

There are many wineries and restaurants on the Swan Valley wineries map for you to view.
The Swan Valley map has over 30 small wineries, six boutique breweries, a cider maker and 4 distilleries.

There is even a certified organic Swan Valley distillery tour, as well as good Swan Valley restaurants.
On the Swan Valley tourist map you can check out a quiet café, some local produce and a market - so there are plenty of food, wine and trails to choose from.

The Swan Valley region also has lots of scenic walking, wildflower and cycle trails and a rich history and heritage that can be explored on a number of heritage walks around the Swan Valley.

Harris Organic and other Memorial Avenue wineries are at the top of the map of the Swan Valley.

Wineries Swan Valley - Map

Exploring the wineries in the Swan Valley is a delightful journey through picturesque vineyards, allowing you to savor a diverse selection of wines amidst the natural beauty of the Swan Valley wine region. Planning a wine adventure in the scenic Swan Valley region of Western Australia becomes effortless with the help of the meticulously crafted Wineries Swan Valley map. This thoughtfully curated map serves as a valuable tool for wine enthusiasts, providing an overview of the area's top wineries and their locations.

Armed with the Wineries Swan Valley map, visitors can easily plan their route and navigate through the vineyards, ensuring they don't miss any of the region's hidden gems.

From boutique family-owned wineries to renowned establishments, the Swan Valley map acts as a guide, showcasing the diverse range of options available for wine tasting and exploration. With the Wineries Swan Valley map in hand, travellers can embark on a delightful journey, indulging in the rich flavours and captivating experiences that this celebrated wine region has to offer.

Swan Valley Restaurants

There are many Swan Valley restaurants and cafes for tourists to try. You will find a list of Swan Valley restaurants on this page.
Swan Valley Restaurants

Swan Valley Wineries - Perth

There are lots of brilliant award winning Swan Valley wineries in Perth, the best wineries in Perth are in Memorial Avenue, suited to a day trip of Perth's Swan Valley for tourists and locals. We are in the Upper Reaches of the Swan river, being Baskerville. In Memorial Ave you will find John Kosovich Wines, Harris Organic Wines and Upper Reach.

If you are looking for places to visit near Perth and you like fine wine, you are lucky. There are over 30 Swan Valley wineries in the Perth wine region called the Swan Valley. The Swan Valley is within the bounds of the Perth metropolitan area and in the wine region called Swan Districts.

There are plenty of Wine Tours in the Swan Valley to assist you on your journey of exploring the Swan Valley. Here is one of them.

Firstly, some Swan Valley geography, ie lets look at the Swan Valley wineries map.
The Australian Geographical Indication "Swan Valley" was entered in the Register of Protected Names on 6 January 2003, after the state government proclaimed the area protected for viticulture and tourism with the Swan Valley planning Act 1995. This Act is currently under review and in 2020 the new act was passed before the Western Australian State parliament.

Of the 30 plus Swan Valley wineries about half of them actually ferment grapes into wine. The rest have different business models, where the grapes are processed at contract facilities. All the amazing Perth wineries make their own wines and have tasting rooms where you can taste a range of the Swan Valleys best wines to select your top wine buys.

Come and visit the Swan Valley you are welcome at any time, most wineries are open from 11 am.
There is a variety of Swan Valley wines to taste all year round.

Perth Wineries - Swan Valley History

Perth wineries were first established along the banks of the Swan river. The Swan River at Baskerville was the landing site for Captain James Stirling and his group as he explored the Swan River in 1827 (named for the Black Swans that were plentiful upon it). Sadly there are none in the upper reaches of the Swan river anymore.

In 1829 Captain Stirling returned to form the colony of British settlers in Western Australia. They brought grape vines for cultivation. As progress was made the colonists found rich fertile soils in the Swan Valley. In 1922 the Baskerville area between the Swan river and Great Northern Highway was subdivided for viticulture. We are celebrating a century of viticulture in 2022.

Directions to the Swan Valley Wineries

How to Tour the Swan Valley

There are many ways tourists can explore the Swan Valley.

Swan Valley Bus, Taxi and Ride Share

To get to Swan Valley Wineries in Memorial Avenue take the 310 or the 311 bus from the Midland train station. Midland train station is just 25 minutes from Perth central station. Remember there are few buses on weekdays or weekends so planning your journey is essential. Taxi service or ride share is also available.

Please Google "transperth" for more information or look at this for the bus time table:- Transperth Journey Planner. Ride Share is also available or drive your own car.

Cars and Automobiles

The distance from Perth to swan valley wineries is about 30 kilometres. Car travel is the easiest method of transport to the amazing Swan Valley Wineries. The main entrance to the Swan Valley is the corner of Great Northern Highway and Reid Highway. Once you reach this intersection, head north for about eight kilometres, past Swan Valley Central and Rakich Store; until you reach Memorial Avenue. Turn left into Memorial Avenue. The first of four Memorial Avenue wineries is Harris Organic and John Kosovich, right on the corner.

If you live "north of the river" you may enter the Swan valley from the northern end via West Swan road. Once you reach the intersection of Great Northern Highway and West Swan Road, turn right and head towards Midland for about a kilometre. Memorial Avenue is the first street on your right hand side.

Swan Valley Bus Tours and Swan Valley Wine Tours

There are many Perth and Swan Valley bus companies running Swan Valley Wine Tours of the Valley. Check out the best list of Swan Valley Bus Tours of the Swan Valley Wineries. There are several that offer tours around the Swan Valley, particularly on weekends.

Swan Valley Map - Australia

Wine Tasting - Swan Valley
All the best wineries in Memorial Avenue use grapes grown in their own vineyards and make the wine on the premises. Therefore, you can have an authentic Swan Valley wine tasting when you visit Swan Valley Wineries in Memorial Avenue.
Swan Valley Map - Cellar Doors
Named the "Paris end of the Swan Valley", All the wineries in Memorial Avenue have a cellar door, varying from traditional stand up wine tastings to seated wine tastings with the winemaker.
Map of Swan Valley Wineries
There are four Swan Valley wineries on the map of the Swan Valley in Memorial Avenue. See below; they are Harris Organic Wines, John Kosovich, Mann and Upperreach. Upperreach has a restaraunt called River Brook.

  • Swan Valley Wineries - Harris Organic
    Form one Planet - Harris Organic
  • Swan Valley Winery - John Kosovich Wines
    Winery Entrance - John Kosovich
  • Swan Valley Wineries - Mann
    Anthea and Dorham Mann - Mann Winery
  • Swan Valley Restaurants - Upper reach
    Swan Valley Lunch - Upper Reach

Swan Valley Wineries - Memorial Avenue continued


Tour four best Swan Valley Wineries including Kosovich, Harris Organic, Mann and Upper Reach

Situated just 36 minutes from Perth’s central business district, the amazing Swan Valley Wine Region is the easiest to get to wine region in Western Australia, and Australia from any capital city for that matter. This means you can’t pass up the chance to visit Perth, Western Australia.

The Swan Valley is the second oldest wine region in Australia, after the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Lots of Swan Valley wineries have an interesting history and an age-old, but modern winemaking process, which makes delectable and drinkable wine. Most of the wineries and food places in Swan Valley sit along a 32-kilometre loop, so even if you only have a day to spare, you can visit only the best.

We have produced an itinerary to give you an idea of how to visit the best wineries in the Swan Valley on one beautiful day trip.

These are the best Swan Valley wineries because all the Swan Valley wines are made on the wineries' premises from the grapes grown in the best part of the Swan Valley, Memorial Avenue.


With little public transport in the Swan Valley Wine region, there are several ways to explore the region: via car, bus and walking, bicycle or taxi. The bus No. 310 or 311 along the Great Northern Highway will get you to Memorial Avenue from Midland train Station.

If you’ve got your car then that's OK. Just plug in Memorial Avenue, BASKERVILLE into Google Map of the Swan Valley on your phone and you are away.
Once you arrive you can explore the vineyards and wineries and taste fruity dry whites like chenin blanc and verdelho, delicious sweet wines, easy-drinking traditional sparkling and rich red wines.
If you’d rather sit back, relax and let someone else do the driving then we suggest an UBER or taxi. They can drop you off and pick you up later as all the wineries are within a one-kilometre range in Memorial Avenue.


Swan Valley wineries list

So let's start at the first winery on your Swan Valley outing. We have chosen the “Paris End” of the Swan Valley; Memorial Avenue. Memorial Avenue was established in 1922 when the area west of the Great Northern Highway to the Swan River was subdivided for viticulture.

  • Harris Organic Wine and Spirits
  • John Kosovich Wines
  • Mann Winery
  • UpperReach Winery


swan valley wines

With such unique organic wine and brandy spirits, this is a Swan Valley winery that is #1 on our amazing Swan Valley wineries list.
Listed as one of the top 10 wineries in Perth by UrbanList. Harris Organic Wine and Spirits is just across the Avenue from John Kosovich Wines, the oldest family-owned winery in WA, while offering a wide selection of wines to try. As you might have guessed from its name, this place prides itself on producing only certified organic wine, free of herbicides, pesticides and chemicals from its dry cultivated vineyard.

You’ll be amazed at how friendly the wine is, as well as the estate made organic vodka, brandy and gin. They deliver Swan Valley wine across Australia too.

Opening Times: 11 am to 4.30 pm Thursday to Monday



Just a walk across the Avenue from Harris Organic will be a visit to the oldest underground cellar door in Western Australia.

John Kosovich is one of the most popular wineries in the valley, and was voted best cellar door in the Swan Valley.

It’ll come as no surprise that it’s the oldest family-owned winery in Western Australia.

Enveloped by a beautiful vineyard,and grounds this winery sits above the underground cellar. You can taste a range of wines, with super friendly and informative owners who are more than happy to guide you through your experience of Swan Valley wine.

Opening Times: 10.30 am to 5 pm daily


Mann winery

Mann Winery is just one kilometre along the Avenue from Great Northern Highway, on the bank of the Swan Valley.

If it is September and that means you are in for a treat from Mann Winery. If it is March you may be disappointed as they sell out fast and reopen in August.

Each year these legendary Swan Valley winemakers who release two elegant and delicious traditional method sparkling wines each Spring. These are both made in the traditional way French champagne is made.

The sparkling wine is made with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cygne Blanc. Cygne Blanc is a grape variety that originated from a fortuitous planting at the property in 1989. It is the only white grape of its type in Australia and is patented by the Mann family.
The winery produces a white sparkling and a rose’ in a brut style, hand-riddled and then aged in the bottle for two years before release. The distinctive Cygne Blanc is a dry, white sparkling wine made exclusively from Cygne Blanc varieties grown on the estate.

The cellar door area is above the winery, with an upper level overlooking the winery's equipment. It is open from 1st August each year and closes once all wine is sold out usually just after the New Year.

Wine quantities are limited and sought after as they ship their wines by mail order across Australia. Once they are sold out, Mann Winery shuts their doors later in the year.

Drop by from 10am to 5pm Wednesday to Sunday to pick up a bottle or three and experience a Swan Valley winery tradition at it's best.

Opening Times: 10 am to 5 pm Wednesday to Sunday


upper reach winery

Situated just 300 metres along the Avenue from Mann Winery is Upper Reach Winery, which you’ll reach just in time for a late lunch if you have a booking. Look for the big bream fish on the front entrance gate.

They have an incredible Swan Valley restaurant called Riverbrook.
The food here is said to be some of the best in the Perth winery area, so why not stay for a while? Follow up your Perth winery lunch with a wine tasting of their memorable sparkling chardonnay, semillon or shiraz in their very modern cellar door.

Opening Times: 11 am to 5 pm every day
Wine Tastings: $5 per person

List of Wineries in the Swan Valley

For a list of wineries in the Swan Valley, you can find here at the Tourism Australia information centre.
Just be aware that there are only a few small wineries in the Swan Valley that grow grapes, ferment them to make wine, bottle their wine on the premises and sell their own wine.

Most of these rare and real types of Swan Valley wineries are situated in Memorial Avenue, Baskerville, at the top of the Swan Valley Wineries Map.


PS: If you want to drive away from the best wineries in the Swan Valley and visit some nature, we highly recommend Bells Rapids which is right around the corner, on Cathedral Avenue, offering great vistas, bush walks and more. In the summer a picnic under the trees is a great place to go. In the winter when the weather is cooler, the sight of the water running and pounding its way to the coast is a great spectacle.
There is a walking bridge across the Swan river to watch the action.

As you’ve probably come to realise, a Swan Valley wine tour is one of the best day trips from Perth or its suburbs, and in this post, we have tried to help you see Memorial Avenue in a good light.

From the best Perth wineries to visit, to where to eat and how to get to Memorial Avenue – all of that information is right here.
Have a happy Swan Valley wine tour.

John Kosovich
John Kosovich Underground Cellar
Bells Rapids
An outing at Bells Rapids
Crushing the Grapes
Swan Valley Winery - Crushing Organic Grapes

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