Harris Organic Rose Wine

Harris Organic is the only certified organic vineyard growing muscat a petits grains to produce organic Rose'.

Organic Rose' Wine

Tasting Notes

Colour: Pale straw to pink
Bouquet: Fragrant floral notes with a combination of rose petals and franjipani.
Palate: a light, sweet, rounded palate and finishing with a clean fresh taste. This wine is not as sweet as commercial rose's as it is produced as a wine not cordial. It has an appealing texture and good refreshing palate length and a clean finish.
Cellaring: Pleasant drinking now.

Winemaking Details

Rose is a sweet rose' style table wine.
Grapes: Hand picked
Ferment: Open fermented free run juice
Vineyard: 100% Harris Organic muscat
Irrigation: Only from the sky
Varieties: 100% organic muscat a petits grains grapes
Harvest: usually about the 10th February
Sugar level: 30 g/l
Production: 800 bottles
Alcohol: 11% v/v


Pleasant to dring organic rose wine with a fresh fruit platter on a sunny afternoon.

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