Certified Organic Brandy made in Australia

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Harris Organic is the only certified organic brandy distiller in Australia.

What is Organic Brandy?

What is Brandy made from?

Organic Brandy is made from organic grapes or fruits, in our case, organic grapes from one of the most northern wineries in Perth's Swan Valley Brandy Region. The name brandy comes from a dutch name Brandewijn, meaning burnt wine.

How is Brandy made?

Brandy is made by distilling a specially made wine in a pot still to refine the wine and increase the alcohol content of the resulting brandy spirit. Once the spirit has passed through the still twice it is at an alcoholic content of approximately 70%, it is then stored in oak casks in the underground cellar for a minimum of three years to become brandy.

Why is it brown in colour and not clear

Brandy is brown or straw in colour as the alcohol acts as a solvent on the wood of the oak casks, extracting and colour from the French oak casks. Some distillers add sugar and caramel to increase the palate and colour of the spirit. At Harris Organic we add nothing besides rain water to our finished spirits.

Organic Brandy

Of all the best Australian brandy producers, we are the best organic brandy distillery in Australia.

Our Organic Wood aged Brandies

The craft of making a special brandy is something to be celebrated and appreciated. This is available to any knowledgeable person not just a few.
Our organic brandy is truly sustainable as it is double-distilled using a wood-fired pot still. There are commercial stills that are wood fired, but there use is waining with the availability of gas burners. This hand-made VSOP style brandy is evocative of the brandies made at Cognac in France before natural gas was found in the north sea.
Once the spirit has been collected it is placed in small oak casks in the underground cellar to mature for a minimum of three years (our bottles are labelled with the distillation and the bottling dates). The alcohol content is reduced to 40 percent alcohol by adding only rainwater.
This brandy has complex characters that include caramel, toffee, notes of orange, vanilla, smoky spice and cloves. The current release brandy is not a blend of brandies, but a single vintage. Order your organic brandy from our Organic Shop .

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We first used this brandy in our Christmas Cake and Pudding last year. We use only organic ingredients so it was great to be able to have organic brandy for the first time ever.

We had to taste test it first. Deliciously smooth. Now we're enjoying it as a warming winter drink. Highly recommend it. And the cake and pud tasted delicious too.

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Organic Brandy - Unwooded

What is Unwooded Organic Brandy

Unwooded brandy is a alcoholic spirit made by the distillation of a grape based wine without the influence of being stored in oak casks. It is a clear flavoursome spirit with forty percent alcohol.
We call it "Eau de Vie", meaning water of life, in French. Harris Organic unwooded Brandy is the only certified organic brandy in Australia. Replicating the authentic method of double-distilling using a wood-fired pot still this hand-made brandy is evocative of grape based eau de vies. Once the spirit has been collected it is placed in drums in the underground cellar before the addition of rain water and bottling. The alcohol content is 40% abv.

This hand made Australian brandy has fine characters that include fruits, toffee, spice and cloves. The current release brandy is not a blend of brandies, but a single vintage.
It is not fined or filtered, ie no additives are added. You can find the prices from our Organic Shop here.

Uses for organic unwooded brandy

There are many uses for organic unwooded brandy. It is a versatile spirit used for cooking, consumption, medicinal purposes, homeopaths, tinctures and herbal recipes. Many French cooks use Eau de Vie in their traditional recipes, either for flavour or for flambes. It can be consumed for a spirit based drink, or on the rocks. As a night cap, it can be used for medicinal purposes. Homeopaths use it to conserve their remedies and develop their tinctures and herbal remedies. There are many recipes that can be found on the internet. Use "google scholar" to review the ideal recipes for your use.

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Awards - Organic Brandy

For two years running our 8 year old organic brandy has been awarded a bronze medal at the Royal Perth spirits awards, for 2019 and 2020. This make this organic brandy the best brandy in Australia that is classed as certified organic. The best Australian made brandy made from organic grapes is made in Perth.

What we do - Distilling Brandy

Organic distilling of brandy
Harris Organic was the first certified organic distillery in Australia to produce organic Australian brandy. We are the only brandy distillery using our organic grapes as the base for our organic Brandies, Eau de Vie and Vodka. They all make great gifts.
Online Sales
As we sell direct to you, at our cellar door or through our online Brandy shop, our hand made wine and organic brandy prices and quality are better than anywhere in Perth. Buy the best Australian brandy
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