White Wines - Chardonnay, Verdehlo, Chenin Blanc

Welcome to Harris Organic. Thank you for your interest in our organic white wine.

Harris Organic is the only certified organic winery in Perth.

Harris Organic - White Wines

We are great at making organic white wines including chardonnay, verdehlo, and chenin blanc.

Chenin Blanc
chenin blanc

This is made from our dry-grown chenin blanc and is a full flavoured wine. Light straw colour. Aromas of ripe pineapple and stone fruit. A rich, sweet, rounded palate with fresh acidity holding the developed fruit together. Go to the Wine Shop and buy now whilst stocks last.


Made from plump chardonnay dry-grown at the Harris Organic vineyard in the Swan Valley, Western Australia. This wine has aged beautifully under its cork seal for several years in an underground cellar. Go to the Wine Shop and buy now.

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We make great organic white wine in Perth

Organic Verdelho

This essential verdelho is a great example of Swan Valley fruit. The nose promises with tropical flavours and some great bottle development with complex toasty character. The palate delivers a fullsomely rich and complex dry wine with ripe fruity flavours and a clean finish. Buy from our Wine Shop today.

Chilli White Wine
Chilli White Wine

A spicy dry white wine (Chenin Blanc) with a hint of chilli warmth on the back palate makes this Chilli wine a hit at the Fremantle Chilli Festival. Great with a Thai salad. SOLD OUT Go to the Organic White Wine Shop and browse now.

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What we do ?

Organic Winemaking
Harris Organic is the only certified organic winery in Perth.
Organic White Wine making
Harris Organic is the only certified organic winery in Perth.

Harris Organic Wines has a fine selection of white wine to choose from.
All are available from our organic Online Shop now.

Cellar Door Sales
As we sell direct to you, at our cellar door or through our online Wine Shop, our organic wine prices and quality are better than anywhere in Perth. Open from Thursday to Monday 11am to 4.30pm. Tuesday, Wednesday by appointment.

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