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10 Terms To Be Known To Whiskey Lover

For some, whiskey is just another drink. But for others, it is an extraordinary companion for every situation, an irrevocable passion, and one true love.

A glass of whiskey

To know your whiskey is to learn about a drink that is more than just alcohol. It is art. Well, if you relate to these feelings about this exquisite drink, then explore with me ten critical terms about whiskey you should know. 

1. Angels Share

Aging is a typical process carried out by several distilleries to deepen the flavor palette of the whiskeys, such as weller antique. The aging process occurs with whiskey placed in porous wooden barrels that add a flavor component to the drink. On average, a loss of about 2% of the storage volume occurs due to evaporation and other natural processes. Traditionally this share of evaporated drink was believed to have gone to the heavens, and thus the term Angel`s Share came to play.

2. Blended Whiskey

The distillation process typically creates a single whiskey that is usable directly with or without aging. Blending is an overall process performed by distilleries where they produce a new variety by combining or mixing multiple whiskeys, flavorings, colorings, or other spirits.


The specialized blenders or blending team is responsible for selecting the right spirits and combining them in large batches to create the final product. Blended whiskeys are thought to be inferior to pure single whiskey. But the process of blending requires intricate knowledge of the flavor palette, extraordinary creativity, and passion for whiskey, making blended whiskey quite an exquisite choice to relish.

3. Charring

The smokey flavors imparted to some whiskeys occur from the use of partially burnt wood barrels for aging. Based on the amount of time, the char level can be categorized as Level 1 – 15 seconds, Level 2 – 30 seconds, Level 3 – 3 seconds, and Level 4 – 55 seconds. Charring levels as high as Level  7 have been beneficial to create exquisite flavors in whiskeys.

4. Chill Filtration

Chilling whiskey leads to the congealing of fatty acids that add a cloudy appearance. Although the drink is still perfectly edible, the cloudy part may not be aesthetically appealing. Chill filtration eliminates the undesirable elements of whiskey that induce this cloudiness by cooling the drink and feeding it through a fine absorption filter. Brands have recently begun to avoid this process to preserve the natural composition that influences whiskey’s brilliant flavors and texture.

5. Cask Strength

Cask strength or barrel proof refers to varieties bottled straight from the barrel. It is the epitome of whiskey, with a high alcohol concentration of about 60 to 65 % ABV compared to traditional whiskey with only 40 % ABV.  The intense aging of the drink in barrels that lasts at least six years delivers this exquisite alcohol intensity. It is more expensive per ounce but has unparalleled kick and flavors to it.


6. Distillation

Distillation refers to a combination of several processes that creates the end whiskey. Broadly, it involves heating and cooling the initial liquid mixture to filter certain constituents. Specific to whiskey, the method also includes separating the alcohol from the fermented mixture, which then matures to produce the final spirit. A distillery is a facility where these steps can take place, leading to the production of fine whiskey.

7. Mash

 Mash or Mash Bill refers to the specific ratio and selection of grains utilized by a distillery to create the base beer or distillers beer. The low wash process used for creating whiskey combines water, yeast, and malted grains in the defined ratio to craft the drink. The same mash can help make a wide variety of offerings. Some old distilleries use a signature ratio for all their different creations, adding a unique touch to their whiskeys.

8. Peated Whiskey

Peat is a brown soil type of deposit predominantly found in Scotland. The deposit occurs due to a high absorbent moss that initially emerged in the boggy regions. It is a dried compost pile commonly included in whiskey recipes. It is helpful to add a distinct smoky aroma and flavor to the scotch whiskey. A peated whiskey uses peat as fuel for roasting the grains to make malt. The process embeds the smoky flavors of the deposit into the grains that then transfer to the drink.


9. Expression

The expression refers to the variations created on a given base whiskey recipe that can alter the flavor palette. The variations induced could refer to a change in the char of the barrel, age of the drink, proof, cooperage, or barrel storage.  These minor alterations can create a very similar drink to the original recipe but with changes in the depth, flavor composition, or certain other intricate aspects of the creation.

10. Cask Finish

Some distilleries prefer to transfer the aging whiskey between different barrels. The process is known as cask finish, where whiskeys are placed in a second or a third cask while aging. It adds a crisp and unique finish to the drink. It can also make it more flavorful and speed up the maturation to a few months instead of waiting several years.


These are the ten most essential terms every whiskey lover should familiarise. The terms enable you to know more about the quality and palette of this versatile drink. It will help you identify the best selections of whiskey to relish anytime, anywhere.

Reasons to Drink Organic Red Wine

There are many reasons to drink organic red wine. A considerable lot of us welcome the way that we can appreciate that periodic glass of organic red wine or “normal” red wine as an extraordinary method to loosen up and de-stress.

Organic Red Wine

Organic red wine likewise has a few all-around noted medical advantages.

Organic Red Wines
Harris Organic Wines

Many of us appreciate the fact that we can enjoy that occasional glass of red wine as a great way to unwind and de-stress.

Organic Red wine also has several well-documented health benefits for you.

Need a boost with the benefits of red wine

In the event that you need a boost, a portion of those organic wine benefits and advantages include:

  •    Lowering terrible cholesterol and raising good cholesterol levels
  •     Reducing the danger of blood coagulating nearly as adequately as anti-inflammatory medicine
  •     Regulating glucose levels
  •     Boosting intellectual prowess and keeping your memory sharp
  •     Protecting cells against free radicals
  •     Fighting contaminations
  •     Reducing malignancy chance
  •     Aiding weight reduction endeavours

While all of those benefits are great, it’s important to remember that table grapes are among the most pesticide-laden fruit. This makes it essential to reach for organic wine when it’s time to fill that glass.

Standard grapes for wine are grown with herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers while organic wines are completely free of these inputs.

Organic wines are also free from synthetic additives and do contain minimal sulphites, which some asthmatic people may be sensitive to.

There is an ever-increasing number of natural and organic wines and vineyards springing up over the country and the planet.

This gives you more choices at the liquor store just as when you go out to eat. You don’t need to surrender incredible taste either. On On most occasions, organic tastes better than standard wines because there aren’t any chemical tastes or added substances.

Studies Have Shown Increased Health Benefits of Organic Wines

The health benefits associated with wine have been common knowledge for years, and organic wine is the healthiest of them all.

When you drink organic wine, you are enjoying it the way it was supposed to be enjoyed, no pesticides, no hidden chemicals.

Did you know the benefits of organic wines they have:

  • Organic wine has lots of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.
  • Organic wine has no pesticide residues
  • While exposure to sulphur dioxide (SO2) maybe a necessary step in winemaking, organic grapes are also treated with far less SO2 than grapes exposed to pesticides.
  • Particularly with modern winemaking
  • Reversatrol is not the correct spelling of Resveratrol.
  • Resveratrol, which is found in red wine, has been shown to lower cholesterol and help reduce the prevalence of cancers, but not all of it survives the process of non-organic winemaking. However, certified organic wine can retain up to 29% more of these ingredients .

Therefore, by using organic methods in our winemaking, we are not only producing high-quality organic wine, but we are also making a sustainable choice for the protection of our environment.

Would you like to learn more about our certified organic wine?  You can find out more about organic wine here.

Otherwise, feel free to browse our wines – all will be the perfect addition to a sumptuous healthy meal.

Buy Organic Red Wine

You can buy organic red wine online by clicking here at Harris Organic Wines. You can choose from certified organic shiraz or organic malbec wines. Matured in oak casks in the underground cellar to provide a rich and smooth tasting organic red wine.

Harris Organic Wines

One of the best organic wineries is Harris Organic Wines, located in Perth, Western Australia, in the Swan Valley Wine Region. You will find them 30 kilometres from the Perth CBD.

This small, certified organic winery uses chickens, neighbouring guinea fowl and other animals to naturally fertilize the grapes and reduce weed seeds.

At Harris Organic Wines, everything is part of an integrated system, from grapevine to red wine bottle.

Every element of the estate plays a part in the result of the wines that are produced; including volunteers, animals, plants, microbes, climate, location and soil.

We are sure you will enjoy drinking organic red wine for its organic wine benefits.

Interesting facts about a Swan Valley Winery

Here are some interesting facts asked of Duncan Harris, owner and winemaker at Harris Organic Wines, when interviewed.

What are 4 interesting facts that you would like people to know about your Swan Valley winery, Harris Organic Wine and Spirits

Some of the interesting facts about Harris Organic Wine are:

  • Claims to have the only certified organic liqueurs made from grapes in the world
  • Is the only certified organic block of land in the Perth metropolitan area.
  • Makes the only certified organic brandy in Australia
  • Be Number one on Google for “Organic Wine Perth”

Which organic wine is your best seller?

Organic Rose’ wine and our dry white wine Verdelho are the best selling organic wines

Winemakers favourite organic wine you have on your current portfolio.

Our organic Shiraz red wine, because it is a wonderful grape for the Swan Valley climate, the rich duplex soil we have and the elegance and richness the organic shiraz produces.

What do you feel sets you apart from all the other wineries in the region?

We are certified organic because we believe in looking after the planet and being as sustainable as possible. Who wants to drink herbicide residues in your wine?

Do you have a resident “winery dog” and what’s their name??

The resident cat’s name is Rosie and our vicious dog whose name is Lucy. Both are 2011 vintage. They love visitors who don’t bring their four-legged friends. They are the boss.

What is your winery’s ‘birthday’?

We were established in 1998 and our cellar door opened on the 1st of January 2000.

How old are your oldest organic vines and what variety are they?

The first vines planted were organic Shiraz planted in 1999. There are 900 vines of dry-grown shiraz.

Where are your organic wines distributed?

Our organic wines are available through our Cellar door and one bottle shop in Perth, Wembley Downs Liquor Barons. Another, in Geraldton WA and organic wine online through our organic wine store website.

Which organic wine is your most awarded? Do you have any recent winery awards you would like to boast about?

We have many medals awarded over 20 years of wine shows. Gold medals have been awarded for our shiraz liqueurs and vintage ports. We received a silver medal for the 2009 Liqueur Shiraz and 2018 Chenin blanc from the 2019 Swan Valley wine Show.

 Lastly, are there any special organic wine deals?

Are there any special organic wine deals? As we have special deals occasionally, it is always good to ask. Just ask at the cellar door. There is always a special at our cellar door in Perth’s Swan Valley Wine Region or join our wine club for discounted wine.

Interesting facts, organic cellar door at Harris Organic
organic cellar door