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Harris Organic is the only certified organic vineyard in Perth.

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Here is some information about Harris Organic Wine and Spirits, the only organic vineyard in Perth and the owner Duncan Harris.

Now and then

Duncan's ancestors first came to Australia as boat people on the first fleet, landing in Sydney in 1788. They were an entrepreneurial lot, with one Francois Girard, owning the Sydney Hotel (1828) and another, Michael Hayes, Australia's first accountant, operating one of the first illegal distilleries in Australia in 1805.

Duncan Harris grew up in Tasmania's Tamar Valley, graduating from the Launceston Matriculation College and then studying in Melbourne at RMIT. In the 17 years in Melbourne, Duncan built motorcycle engine prototypes, qualified as a patternmaker and won several awards.

After finishing a Bachelor of Engineering at RMIT, he transferred to Perth in 1993. While working at an automotive research facility he bought the Swan Valley property at Baskerville in 1998. While working full-time, as an engineer, he spent every spare moment building the dream of a vineyard and natural wine-making facilities in the Swan Valley.

Why make organic wines?

Duncan had become intrigued with the world of making organic wine, particularly from the growing of the grapes, the winemaking, maturation and finally the drinking the fruits of his labour.
Duncan belives that certified organic meets all the requirements of triple bottom line accounting. Also, good soil, clean living and great for the environment.
You can enjoy the fruits of them too!

The winery cellar door opened in 2000 and in 2001 Duncan became the full-time vigneron and winemaker.
Tasting fees were introduced in 2002 with the new purpose built cellar door attached to the 1933 built grape processing shed and winery.
Full organic A grade certification was obtained in 2006.

In 2018 and 2019 Duncan became a finalist for the Australian organic farmer of the year award.

On the 17th of June 2019 Harris Organic Wines and Spirits became certified with Southern Cross certifiers, ready for the 2000 vintage..

In 2022 we celebrated 24 years of ownership and 100 years of grape growing in Memorial Avenue, Baskerville.

Sustainability and Organic Wines

Duncan believes in sustainablity and organic methods as the only way of saving the planet. He believes that wine is made in the vineyard; to let the vineyard tell the story in the wine, allow it to produce natural wine flavours that give a sense of place, the soil and the "Swan Valley wine region". Dry land organic viticulture assists that.

For those who would like to "do lunch" with my organic wines, we recommend the The Principal in Midland and now the new "Valley Social".

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As mentioned before, organic certification was obtained in 2006, however it was applied for in 2004 and took 18 months for the paperwork and the inspections to be completed. We just missed out on having the 2006 vintage wines certified as organic. There were two inspections, one as a pre-requiasite and the other as an in-coversion inspection.
Inspector Tom came to see us and was very thorough, giving us good tips and advice as to what was happening in the organic industry in Western Australia at the time.

Organic Shops - Perth - online organics

There are many online organics and organic shops in Perth. The only certified organic shop in Perth is the: Dunn & Walton Organic Produce Organic Online Shop & Store, Kitchen & Coffee shop in Doubleview.
Buy seasonal organic boxes, meals and groceries online or visit them in store. Perth's only certified Organic Store & Cafe NASSA 6091R.

Want to know more about Harris Organic Wine and Spirits?

Want to know more about Harris Organic Wine and Spirits? Check out their blog post about their frequently asked questions.

Organic wine certification

Organic certification was obtained in 2006 with an organisation in Queensland. It took us 18 months to receive approval.
They are rightgeous about their organic trademark, contry to other certified organic organisations. So we cannot mention who they are.

These days we are certified organic wth Southern Cross Certified, who provide an excellent service.

Uniquely Organic

Being certified organic means we are putting a stamp on who we are. The vineyard is the only certified block of land in the Perth metroolitan region. Every year we have an annual inspection which takes a morning to go over the procedures and standards.

Other unique products we have are, certified organic brandy, certified organic liqueurs. We beleive we make the only certified organic wine liqueurs made from grapes on the planet.

Harris Organic Wine Awards

Liqueur Shiraz
Liqueur Shiraz-Bronze Medal
Organic Shiraz wine
Shiraz 2015-Bronze Medal
Pedro Ximenez 2008 slide 3
Pedro Ximenez-Bronze Medal
Vintage Organic Red wine Vintage Shiraz
Shiraz 1999-Bronze Medal
Vintage Port- Bronze Medal vintage port
2018 Vintage Port-Bronze
organic chardonnay organic chardonnay

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