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Harris Organic Wines is the only organic winery in Perth, Western Australia.

We love caring for our vines, making organic wine and caring for the environment!

Organic Red Wine

Our carefully tended non irrigated shiraz is basket pressed, aged in American oak for 20 months and has excellent smoothness and berry flavours. Our care is awarded some years with a Bronze Medal at the Swan Valley Wine Show. All certified organic by "Australian Organic". Our latest release is the 2010 Shiraz which is our highest selling organic red wine.

Organic White Wine

Harris Organic Wines has a fine collection of organic dry white wine including Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Verdehlo. These are all low preservative dry styles. All are fermented, matured, bottled and labelled on the premises and certified organic. There are flavoursome, well rounded on the palate and a long finish showing perfect balance between fruit and acid level. All are available from our cellar door or wine store.

Organic Fortified Wine

From the only organic distiller in Australia are the only Australian certified organic fortified wine. We carefully distil our organic brandies over a wood fired pot still. Try our well awarded brandy fortified Liqueur Shiraz, Verdelho, Pedro Ximenez or Muscadelle, which are all available from our on-line wine store.

Organic Sparkling Wine

We also make a small quantity of traditional method (French champagne style) sparkling wines from Chardonnay and Shiraz in a traditional method. These are bottled and stored in our underground cave to develop their fine bead and exquisite mousse. Named after our daughter Madeleine Claire, there is a blanc de blanc version which has a dry finish and a fine bead and a sparkling red shiraz, both certified organic by "Australian Organic".

Perth is home to Harris Organic Wines in Western Australia, who specialise in natural organic wine.

Wine Production
Sparkling Wines
Part of our mission concerns sustainability. Sustainability is central to Harris Organic’s philosophy of vineyard management; we favour the slow food process of wine production - vital to physical and environmental health. In wine-making we use minimal artificial energy sources. For example we built an underground cellar for naturally cooler storage temperatures while our wines likewise mature in oak, ultimately sealed in recyclable glass and cork. We use very small amounts of electricity in producing a litre of wine compared with the Australian average. The other part is to produce the best hot climate wines available, and as part of a peer review process we stand up well in our local wine show against all other wines from the Swan Valley.
Harris Organics vision is to produce healthy, chemical free wines, that are good for you and the environment. To do this our certified organic vineyard is fed with composted chicken manure and wood chips, instead of chemical fertilisers. Our organic wines, in general, are not fined or filtered with no animal additives. We are able to produce the only medal winning certified organic ports in Australia as we are self sufficient in brandy spirit production made from our own grapes.
Wine Production
From the eight grape varieties in our vineyard Harris Organic produces a wide range of products, whether you required Traditional method sparkling, dry whites, dry reds, fortified dessert wines or preservative free dessert wines. To know more browse our online wine store or join us at the Swan Valley cellar door for a tasting prior to purchase. Remember when you purchase organic wine you are doing good for you and the environment.
Sparkling Wines
Harris Organic produces a range of organic Sparkling Wines; Duncan Harris the chief Sparkling Wines maker makes these from the grapes grown on the property. Duncan makes a traditional method blanc de blanc from chardonnay and an organic sparkling red from shiraz. These are made with time honoured traditional method for your enjoyment. They are fermented in the bottle you purchase.

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