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Dogs at the Swan Valley's only organic farm

The Swan Valley has venues that are Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly Wineries - Swan Valley

No Dogs Allowed

Harris Organic Wines Farm

Harris Organic Wines has many farm animals that are not partial to other peoples dogs visiting their domain.
Even though we have farm yard pets, including a dog and a cat, they are not as social as you may like them to be with your pet. You may also see the farms chickens roaming the estate.

The Harris organic vineyard (where our wine begins) is carefully tended by Duncan Harris, the owner and winemaker.

Unfortunately THE day has come! We have had two incidents where on separate occasions customers dogs have annoyed people on our premises plus a handful of disrespectful dog owners with dogs off leash.

We have decided for the safety of our staff, chickens and all our customers, dogs will not be allowed on the winery premises.

Our winery is deemed a food premises by the local authorities.
Would you take your dog inside a butchers shop or supermarket?

If you must bring your prized pooch then we ask you leave it in your vehicle with the windows down.

Guide dogs

However, the law allows companion animals (guide dogs) inside wine tasting rooms and on the property of licensed wineries, breweries, and distilleries in Swan Valley wineries and restaurants.

While going to vineyards with your dogs had been a pastime for many people, last year, the Department of Agriculture began cracking down on a law many people didn't know existed, preventing any animals other than service animals from being inside tasting rooms.

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Swan Valley Dog Friendly Wineries

You will find a list of local Swan Valley dog friendly wineries that allows well behave dogs. Try Dog friendly Wineries in the Swan Valley.

Wineries that allows dogs

Here is a list of dog friendly wineries in the Swan Valley. Also, check out the Australian Food Regulations regarding dogs on premises.

Pet friendly accommodation

There is pet friendly accommodation in the Swan Valley. Check out Pet Friendly accommodation.

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