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White Port Wine - Australia

This Western Australian white port wine has a light golden colour. This organic white port is a fortified white port wine made at our organic winery in Swan Valley, Perth.

We make a delightful 750mL bottle of creamy sweet white Port wine. Our sweet white wine has a light golden colour with a palate of creamy peach, pear and toffee flavours. Described as White Port - this wine has a sweet yet complex finish and a great acid balance.

Delightful with a dessert of pears and cream or on its own, a soft sweet dessert wine with 16% alcohol. Now available in 750 mL bottles and tastings at the cellar door.

We call it "Creme de Vin", said with a French accent. It is made from sun-ripened Pedro Ximenez and Chardonnay. Handpicked and crushed into an open fermenter, the must is allowed to naturally ferment until the winemaker decides to add the alcoholic brandy spirit. At that time the fermentation is arrested and the sweetness of the wine is conserved with the neutral brandy addition. Once the sweet white port wine has settled it is racked into a stainless tank, filtered and bottled ready for immediate enjoyment by your family and friends.                    

Sometimes this sweet white port wine is called "cream", it is a fortified white port wine style with a creamy texture.

Delightful with a dessert of stewed apples or pears with ice cream or cream or on its own, a soft fortified sweet white dessert wine with 16% organic alcohol.  Now available in 750 mL bottles. We call it Creme de Vin, said with a French accent!  Duncan calls this his "Secret Weapon" white port wine.

May be served chilled, or with ice blocks and a slice of lemon.  Keep the organic white port in the refrigerator after opening.

What is organic white port wine?

Our organic white port wine is a fortified sweet white port wine made from white grapes and fortified with our alcoholic brandy spirit. The name Port comes from the word Porto in Portugal. At Harris Organic we fortify our white port with our certified organic neutral brandy spirit made on our premises from the stills at Harris Organic. This makes it the only organic white port wine in Australia.

We make a delightful 750mL bottle of creamy sweet white Port wine. Our sweet white port has a light golden colour with a palate of creamy peach, pear and toffee flavours. Described as a sweet White Port - this wine has a sweet yet complex finish and a great acid balance. Delightful with a dessert of pears and cream or on its own, a soft dessert wine with 16% alcohol. Now available in 750 mL bottles.

The current release of the organic white port is not a blend of sweet port wines, but a single vintage.

White Fortified Wine

Our organic white port is a white fortified wine. Fortified wine is made stronger by adding and increasing the alcohol content to make it stronger, that is fortified. We use organic brandy spirit to fortify and make our organic white port.

White Port Wine, Where to Buy?

You can buy White port wine right here at our online store and deliver it anywhere in Australia and even Japan.  Also, If you live in Perth and want to come for a drive you can visit our Swan Valley cellar door. Harris Organic makes the best white port wine in Western Australia.  

Organic Red Port Wine

If you are after an organic red port wine or a tawny port, whether you may know it as ruby, vintage, liqueur or tawny, check out our other pages on port wine styles on the sticky, dessert and organic port wine pages.

What is Port Made of in Australia?

What is port wine made of has been asked before in Australia.  Many white ports are made from Pedro Ximenez grapes, Chenin blanc, Chardonnay and other varieties Depending on the winemaker and style required, the winemaker will choose the grape blend, alcohol content and desired sweetness. Pedro gives a fairly neutral flavour base, whereas ripe chardonnay adds peaches and stone fruit flavours. The alcohol used to fortify the wine is a neutral brandy spirit. What is a port made of? Fresh ripe grapes and the added alcohol retain the sweetness of the port wine.

Red port wines are made from many different varieties. Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon are popular as well as many Spanish varieties. The organic alcohol used to fortify the red port wine is usually a flavoursome brandy spirit.

Red Port wine is a fortified wine that is typically made from a blend of several grape varieties, including Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, and Tinto Cão. These grapes are grown in the Douro Valley region of Portugal, which is the only region in the world where Port wine can be produced. 

How is Port Made?

The winemaking process for how is port made involves adding brandy to the wine during fermentation to stop the fermentation process and increase the alcohol content. This results in a sweet, strong wine with high alcohol content. The wine is then aged in oak barrels for several years.

In Australia, the production of port-style wine is governed by law, and only fortified wines made in the traditional style from grapes grown in specific regions can be labelled as "Vintage or Ruby." The main grape variety used for Australian Port production is Shiraz, though other red varieties such as Grenache and Cabernet Sauvignon may also be used. The wine is typically aged in barrels for several years, which gives it a complex, rich flavour and aroma.

Can You Drink White Port Neat?

Yes, you can drink white Port neat, which means without adding any other ingredients. White Port is a fortified wine, made from white grapes, typically served as an aperitif. It has a higher alcohol content than regular wine and can be enjoyed on its own, over ice, or mixed in cocktails.

When drinking white Port neat, you may want to consider the temperature at which you serve it. White Port is traditionally served chilled, which can help to enhance its flavours and aromas. You may also want to consider the glassware you use - a smaller glass, such as a sherry or port glass, can help concentrate the wine's aromas and flavours.

Where Can I Buy White Port?

Harris Organic is an Australian winery that produces organic wines, including white port. To purchase Harris Organic white port specifically, you can explore the following options:

1. Harris Organic Website: Visit the official website of Harris Organic (harrisorganicwine.com.au) and navigate to their online store. They typically offer their wines for purchase directly through their website, including their white port. Check their online store or contact them for availability and shipping options.

2. Harris Organic Cellar Door: If you live in or near the Swan Valley region of Western Australia, you can visit the Harris Organic Cellar Door directly. Located at 179 Memorial Ave, Baskerville, WA 6056, the cellar door offers tastings and sales of Harris Organic wines, including their organic white port. It's advisable to check their opening hours beforehand.

Overall, white Port can be enjoyed in many different ways, including neat, and it's up to personal preference how you choose to drink it.

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Summer in a bottle

is my favourite of the Harris Organic wines, and my “go to” when I want a special occasion wine or a tasteful gift to bring as a dinner guest. It’s like liquid sunshine and a gentle hug in a bottle. I love all the Harris organic wines! I am sensitive to some of the chemicals added to other wines, but I have never had an allergic reaction to any of the lovely wines from Harris Organic. Though we share a common surname, there is no relation. (A pity that... a family discount would come in handy) Beth (25 Apr 2021, 09:18)
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