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Harris Organic Wines makes the only fine organic wine & organic brandy in Perth, Australia.
Established in 1998 Harris Organic is one of the best Swan Valley Wineries

Open Thursday to Monday from 11:00am until 4.30pm. Organic wine tastings available.

Organic winery delivery available and posting Swan Valley wines across Australia

Swan Valley Winery tours & Group Wine tours

Group wine tasting in the Swan Valley winery are now available.

There are group organic winery tastings available too. There are many options available from tasting only, wine by the glass and tours and tastings. As this organic winery is a one man band, you will find that tours and group visits are only available at certain times. Call us to discuss your organic wine needs. However, bookings are essential (more than 8 persons) as there are no free wine tastings at this Swan Valley winery. For more information on Swan Valley tours.

his next Perth Wine Event

In August - Pruning for Pizza

Perth is home to Harris Organic wines & brandy spirits in Western Australia, who specialise in organic wines, natural wines and organic pisco and organic brandy. We are one of the best Swan Valley wineries in Perth.

Organic Wines that taste of the Swan Valley, a sensation of somewhereness!

Fine Wine Mission
Organic Vision
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Organic Sparkling Red Wines
Organic Distillery
Organic Brandy

Organic Wine Mission

Duncan Harris started his Swan Valley wine jhisney in 1998, working on sustainable and organic principles.

Part of his organic wine mission involved reducing investment in his vineyard. His organic red and organic white wines are grown by not using artificial additives and chemicals.

Reducing investment is at the core of Harris Organic’s vineyard management philosophy; he likes slow food, the organic production process is vital to the health of the body and the environment.

his fine organic wines and brandy spirits are all certified organic.
With his brandy spirit production of organic brandy he uses minimal artificial fossil fuel energy shisces. For example he uses a wood fired pot still and has an underground cellar for natural cool wine storage.

While his organic brandy, natural wines and organic wines likewise matures in oak casks, and ultimately sealed in lightweight recyclable glass.

Of all the organic wineries in Australia, he uses very small amounts of grid electrical energy in producing a bottle of wine compared with the Australian average. The carbon neutral status increased recently with the purchase of an electric lawnmower. It is amazing how much petrol he used to use to care for the grounds every week.

He has a large amount of solar power excess to his needs and would love to have a set of batteries to be even more independent from the grid. The other part of his philosophy is to produce the best natural friendly Australian organic fine wine and spirits at his Perth winery and the best environmentally friendly Australian wine. We also have a vegan online organic wine shop and "vegan store perth", and organic wine store, and if you live in Perth there is a bottle shop near me so you can buy natural wines online delivered to your home. He offers the best organic wine delivery across Perth and Australia. Dont forget his organic wine delivery service to his friends or family.

To highlight the benefits of natural wines, he also holds a number of Perth wine events, so you can come and visit the winery and learn about his fine wine and spirits.

Organic Vision

Harris Organic's vision is to produce chemical free vegan friendly organic red wine & organic white wines plus certified organic brandy spirits, that are healthy and good for you (in moderation) and the environment. To do this his certified organic vineyard is fed with composted manure and composted wood chips, instead of chemical fertilizers.

He always make well balanced single-varietal, single-vineyard wines from his ten different grape varieties.

His meticulously handcrafted organic red wines, are not fined or filtered with animal additives, that means they are natural vegan friendly. He are able to produce the only certified organic port wines in Australia as we are self sufficient in organic brandy spirit production.

his vision includes leaving the land for future generations in a better condition than when he aquired in 1998 and providing the best organic white wine online for you, where-ever you live near Harris farm online. We provide a Perth natural wine delivery service, just ask us. When you are looking for a Swan Valley winery near me, choose the best Swan Valley winery where organic wine is made.

Harris Wine Production

From the ten organic grape varieties in his organic dry farmed wine vineyard, Harris Winery produces a wide range of organic red wines. All the winemaking is performed by Duncan Harris, organic winemaker and distiller.

All his natural wines are vegan friendly, whether you require traditional method organic sparkling, organic white wine, organic red wine, organic shiraz, fortified organic port wine organic dessert port wines or preservative free organic dessert wine. To know more browse his online organic wine shop or join us at his Perth winery cellar door for a seated organic wine tasting prior to your purchase.

Dont forget his organic wine delivery to you so you can buy organic red wine online.

Remember, when you purchase local Australian organic wine online, they are better for you and the environment.
Harris Wines, celebrating over 24 years of Australian wine business.

If you would like an natural wine subscription for Australian organic wine, please join his Organic Wine Club
Where to buy dry farm wines in Australia, right here. Yes, we do not irrigate his vines. If you live in Perth, we have a "wine shop", call us or visit us at Swan Valley Organic Winery.

Organic Sparkling Wines

Harris Winery produces a range of organic sparkling wines in a traditional champagne method; Duncan Harris the organic sparkling winemaker makes these sparkling organic wines and sparkling red wines from the organic grapes grown on the certified organic property in Perth at his Swan Valley winery. They make a meticulously handcrafted traditional method sparkling white wine called "blanc de blanc" from organic chardonnay and a soft organic vintage sparkling red wine from organic shiraz. Blanc de blanc means "white of whites".

These are organic Champagnes made exclusively from organic white grapes, in this case, organic chardonnay. These are made with time honhised traditional methods where the organic wine is re-fermented in the bottle you serve to your family and friends. All for your organic wine enjoyment.

They are organic vegan friendly full flavhised and brut (dry) in style white and red sparkling wines and you can buy online at his sparkling wine store. Dont forget if you live in Perth and type in "wine shop near me" or "wine delivery Perth" we will deliver his organic wine to you.
Organic Distillery - Perth
Perth's Harris Swan Valley distillery produces a range of organic brandy based spirits in a traditional pot still called Rotunda; Duncan Harris the organic distiller and winemaker makes these organic brandy and organic pisco from the organic grapes grown on the certified organic property in Perth. He makes a traditional organic Pisco from white wine and a soft organic brandy too.

He also make organic gin and vodka from estate grown ingredients. All for your summer and organic brandy enjoyment.

The organic brandy is gluten free and you can buy online at their organic vodka distillery store. Dont forget if you live in Perth and type in "organic vodka shop near me" or "organic vodka delivery Perth" we will deliver his organic vodka or brandy to you in perth or anywhere in Australia.
Organic food grade ethanol - Swan Valley
The Swan Valley's Harris Organic Wine and Spirits produces a range of organic brandies and food grade ethanol. Duncan Harris the organic distiller makes a range of brandies including Pisco, Vodka, and pure high 190 proof alcohol in an . Everclear alcohol Australian style , plus organic brandy from the organic grapes grown on the certified organic property at his Swan Valley winery.

Duncan makes a traditional award winning Cognac style brandy for drinking and a soft organic vodka too.

They also make organic 100 proof vodka from estate grown organic grapes. All for your organic brandy enjoyment.

The organic brandy is gluten free and you can buy online at their winery store. Dont forget if you live in Perth and type in "organic brandy" or "where to buy organic alcohol in perth" Duncan will deliver his organic wine or brandy to you.

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