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Everclear Alcohol Australia

Australian delivery of Everclear alcohol is now accessible in limited quantities, conveniently packaged in 200 mL plastic bottles. Harris proudly presents premium-grade EverClear or Everclear alcohol, meticulously crafted within Australia.

We take immense pride in providing this pure Australian-made Everclear alcohol spirit. Our Everclear undergoes multiple distillations, ensuring the highest quality, commonly known as rectified spirit. This clear alcohol is carefully bottled directly from the still.

Our Everclear alcohol, available in 200 ml HDPE bottles, is ideal for herbalists, tincture makers, and those wanting to extract flavours from herbs and spices for CBD and bitters. It serves as an excellent alternative to grain alcohol in Australia.

A high 95% ethanol, this undenatured or non-denatured Everclear ethyl alcohol is of potable food-grade quality. It is specifically made for applications where other denaturants or a stronger odour, typical in conventional denatured methylated spirits, are unsuitable. You can craft your tinctures and limoncello. with confidence, using the finest Everclear alcohol available. 

Any questions?

Call Duncan on 08 9296 0216 between 10- 6 pm AEST

What can I use instead of pure grain alcohol?

In Australia, instead of American Everclear pure grain alcohol, you can use our pure alcohol for perfume, tinctures, herbal essences and extraction of elements from herbs. Pure alcohol ethanol as an Everclear substitute will do the same job as it is extraction-grade alcohol.  Ethanol alcohol is a substitute and an alternative to Everclear pure alcohol for tincture or pure alcohol for limoncello.

This pure 95% or 190 proof alcoholic pharmaceutical-grade, high-grade alcohol has no sulphites or any other chemicals or filtering agent added.  ie No additives, perfumes, oils, sugar, fat, or acid added in this product, just grapes and distilled water. The alcohol content is 95% by volume or 190 proof of alcohol by volume, just a little under 96% alcohol. 

Also known as Everclear in the USA. It is also the same as the Polmos Spirytus Rektykiowany (Rectified Spirit) Polish Pure Spirit Vodka. Clearview and Cub 190 alcohol is also an alternative.

What can I use instead of Everclear alcohol or ethanol alcohol?

190 proof alcohol is a high-proof alcohol that contains 95% alcohol by volume (ABV). In Australia, such high-proof alcohol may not be readily available for purchase.

"Real" Everclear is 190 proof (95% alcohol) or 120, 151, 189 proof. A USA-style rectified ethanol is available in Australia and sold online. If you're looking for a substitute for Everclear alcohol or Everclear proof you can use our clear alcohol instead of Everclear 190 proof.

NB This 95% per cent or 190 proof alcohol is NOT for drinking unless diluted to less than 40% alcohol by volume. It is for medicinal purposes only, ideal for hand sanitiser, tinctures or perfume base or used as high-grade alcohol.

This is an alternative to buying "alcohol 190 proof Australia", or "pure alcohol Australia" or "190 proof alcohol Australia" or "Everclear alcohol Australia" or an alternative to Everclear for tinctures. 

Other names used to search for Everclear alcohol are:

  • polish spiritus
  • spirytus vodka 
  • polish spiritus
  • polmos spirytus rektykiowany
  • polmos spirytus 192 proof
  • 200 proof ethanol
  • everclear alcohol
  • rectified spirit
  • everclear alcohol

If you would like to purchase, ie buys high-grade ethanol in greater quantities of Everclear alcohol and are residing in Australia, please contact the store and discuss your needs for high-grade alcohol. 

This alcohol is ethanol, yes it is. there are several forms of alcohol. The one humans use is ethanol or called ethyl alcohol. Methanol is another derivative, which is poisonous to humans.

Is Everclear the same as Ethanol?

 Non-denatured, ethyl alcohol (ethanol or alcohol) is a product derived from grapes, corn or wheat or other grain. Everclear is an American brand name for high-grade ethanol. So, yes it is the same as ethanol.

Is Everclear the same thing as Vodka?

No, Everclear is not the same thing as vodka. While both Everclear and vodka are clear, colourless liquors that are often used as a base for mixed drinks and cocktails, there are some important differences between the two.

The main difference between Everclear and vodka is their alcohol content. Everclear is a brand of alcohol that is available in 190 proof (95% alcohol by volume)  In contrast, vodka typically has an alcohol content of around 40% to 50% alcohol by volume.

Because of its high alcohol content, Everclear is generally considered to be more potent and dangerous than vodka. It is often used as a solvent in industrial applications and is not recommended for consumption straight or in large quantities. 

What is Everclear Ethanol?

All types of ethanol are produced using methods from farming in which the grapes are grown and processed without preservatives or food additives. Everclear Ethanol is regulated by the ATO and can be used as high-grade ethanol for human consumption. The alcohol label also says it is highly flammable, so you should treat it like petrol, meanwhile, as it is 95% or 190 proof alcohol. Warm 40% alcohol will burn easily as it is flammable, so be careful. Keep out of reach of children. Everclear ethanol is a rectified alcohol made in a column still.

What is the proof of Everclear?

The proof of Everclear is 190 proof alcohol or 95% by volume. That means there is 5% water in the mixture.

What's The Difference Between Alcohol and Ethanol?

The difference between alcohol and ethanol is straightforward. There are several types of alcohol. Ethyl alcohol, known as ethanol, is the only type of alcohol that you can drink without poisoning yourself, and then only if it hasn't been denatured or doesn't contain toxic impurities and is less than 40% alcohol by volume. Ethanol has many other non-chemical names, such as grain alcohol and Everclear because it is the main type of alcohol produced by fermentation. However, here we make our ethanol from grapes. Methanol or methyl alcohol is another type of alcohol that is poisonous to humans.

More information on high grade alcohol

I have found a great site with information on high grade alcohol. Check this out for 

What is Everclear proof?

Everclear alcohol content

Harris makes the Everclear alcohol content of 95%. This alcohol spirit is for people to use in limoncello, tinctures, herbal extracts and medicinal symptoms. Everclear proof is the proof spirit of the alcohol. This relates to the percentage of alcohol in the spirit. Everclear in the US comes in a range of proofs, however, in Australia, the Everclear proof can be purchased as 190 proof or 95% alcohol by volume.

    Where to buy high grade alcohol?  Where to buy 95% alcohol?

    You can buy right here food-grade alcohol, and Everclear alcohol from Perth, Western Australia or at our Swan Valley cellar door.

    Where to buy Alcohol Australia

    Where to buy alcohol in Australia is a common question. If you want a large quantity like 20 litres there are a few Australian companies that can supply you. Harris Organic can only supply you with small quantities.

    Yes, after you order online we deliver alcohol to your door.  We accept PayPal or credit cards.

    What is ethyl alcohol?

    ETOH is ethyl alcohol. ET stands for ethyl and the "OH" is the molecule on the end of the atomic chain, if you know your chemistry.

    If you are looking for certified organic alcohol then try this link for organic ethanol.

    External use ONLY unless diluted

    You will see on the label it says, "External Use Only". Why does it say this? It is because internal use straight from the bottle will kill you, or the consumer.

    However, if you are making limoncello or a tincture and following the proper recipe you will find that an alcohol level lower than 40% alcohol by volume will be OK to consume.

    Good luck with whatever process you are using.

    How can I consume Everclear?

    How can I consume Everclear is often asked. As it is 95% alcohol it is too strong to drink. Try this! Take a small amount and place a small piece of beef in the alcohol. You will see it turns to beef white. If you ingest the alcohol at 95 per cent, besides turning your insides white and burning and killing your stomach lining, it is possible to die from alcohol toxicity. 

    This Everclear alcohol must be evaporated off or diluted to less than 40% to be non-toxic.

    Why can I only buy 4 bottles?

    6 bottles fit into our packaging, which can be transported safely to your door.

    For orders greater than 6 bottles please contact our chief distiller.

    Denatured alcohol

    If you want to know the difference between denatured and un-denatured alcohol, check this out.



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    Everclear in Australia

    After searching the internet for alcohol I came across this Australian Everclear. Its food grade and just what I needed for my tinctures. After making the tincture I added some water to make some into 40% alcohol by volume so that I could consume it. The rest I used in my cooking. Great stuff.Anonymous (9 Aug 2021, 17:13)
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