Organic vodka, grape-based, the first certified organic vodka,  Australian made organic alcohol.

 and is made in Perth's wine region from the stills on our organic estate. Its ultimate purity comes from distilling many times. Our organic vodka is also used to make the only certified organic ports in Australia. Our organic Vodka is made in a column still producing over 190 proof or 90% vodka alcohol (ethanol). Once distilled it is diluted with rainwater and bottled on the premises.   Our 100 proof organic vodka is bottled as an 80 proof spirit, that is 40% alcohol by volume.

Our Australian made organic vodkas are made with grapes, producing a smoother and rounder mouthfeel than other Australian made vodkas made from wheat, sugar or barley. 

Duncan Harris, self-taught, master distiller has been distilling organic vodka for over a decade.  

  • Organic Hand Sanitiser - 5L

    Organic Hand Sanitiser - 5L

    Australian Organic Hand Sanitiser - The liquid formulations are based on advice by the World Health Organization, which means 80% ethanol.



  • Organic Gin

    Organic Gin

    Distilled perfection from our hand-picked organic botanicals. This hand-made gin is micro batch distilled in a London dry style. 



  • Organic Alcohol -95%

    Organic Alcohol -95%

    Harris Organic alcoholic spirit is the only organic grape 190 proof alcohol made in Australia. "Made by a man in a shed with his hands".


  • Organic Vodka - 750mL

    Organic Vodka - 750mL

    Harris Organic vodka is the only certified organic grape vodka made in Australia. "This pure Australian organic vodka has no chemicals added. 



  • Organic Vodka - 375 mL

    Organic Vodka - 375 mL

    Harris Organic Vodka is the only certified organic grape vodka made in Australia. Organic grape vodka is distilled several times to produce the most pure and natural spirit. 

    $47.00 $45.00

    $47.00 $45.00


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