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Harris Organic 100 proof Vodka - Australia - 750 mL

Harris Organic 100 proof vodka and 100 proof alcohol is the only organic gluten-free vodka made in Australia. "Australian made vodka, by a man in a shed with his hands". This elegant Australian vodka is made from grapes in Western Australia. There is 20 per cent more alcohol in a bottle of 100 proof, 50% vodka than in a bottle of 80 proof or 40% alcohol.

High proof vodka is not pot-distilled but distilled in a column rectification still. This produces the purest natural high proof vodka. This pure clear alcohol is bottled directly from the still with fresh rainwater to dilute it to 100 proof or 50% vodka by volume.  It has clean and elegant flavours. It is not wood-aged.  This gluten-free high-proof alcohol is available in 750 ml bottles. This organic vodka can be used for fortifying organic dessert wines at our Swan Valley winery.

We are very proud to be the first certified distillery in Western Australia to make our own Australian 100-proof vodka. 

This organic grape high proof 50% vodka has no sulphites or filtering agents added.  ie No additives, no acid added in this product, just organic grapes and rainwater are the ingredients. The organic ethanol content is 50% by volume or 100 proof alcohol. This means that for every 100 millilitres (ml) of 100 proof alcohol, 50 ml of the liquid is pure ethanol (alcohol).
Customers, please note we are able to ship anywhere in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you drink 100 proof alcohol?

100 proof alcohol is a strong drink with a 50 percent alcohol content. It is higher in alcohol than most other types of strong
alcoholic drinks. People enjoy drinking 100 proof alcohol because of its higher alcohol content and taste. 50% Vodka, which is also produced by the distiller, can also be 100 proof or have an even higher Alcohol By Volume (ABV). The fact that it has a higher alcohol content makes it more enjoyable for many people, but it should be consumed responsibly as it can cause intoxication quickly due to its high ABV percentage vodka.

Can you buy 100 proof Vodka in Australia?

Can you buy 100 proof of vodka in Australia? Yes, you can. Our 100 proof Vodka is 50% vodka, which equates to 100 proof alcohol. Most vodka brands in Australia are usually less than 80 proof alcohol or 40% alcohol. So for this vodka, you get more vodka per bottle. Please note that 100 proof is not 100% alcohol vodka or 100 vodka. It's a mix-up of terms. 

What is the best 100 proof vodka for limoncello?

The best 100 proof vodka for limoncello in our opinion has to be organic vodka to go with your beautiful homegrown lemons. The 50% vodka is smooth and elegant and compliments the acidity of your lemon peel.

What Does It Mean When Vodka Is 100-Proof In Australia?

Vodka that is 100-proof in Australia means that it has an ABV of 50% and this is the same as 40% alcohol by volume (ABV).
This means that the total volume of liquid in the bottle is half alcohol, while the other half consists of water. Different countries have different regulations when it comes to proofing and labelling alcoholic beverages. In Australia, taxes are based on a certain amount of alcohol per bottle, so distillers must measure their liquor accordingly. The 100-proof vodka here contains 50% ABV which translates into a percentage for each bottle measuring 40%. As such, strong liquor with high volumes of 100 proof alcohol can be taxed more heavily than drinks with lower volumes or percentages.

Vodka Alcohol Percentage

In Australia, the vodka alcohol percentage typically ranges from 37.5% to 40% ABV. The standard alcoholic strength for spirits, including vodka, in Australia is 37.5% ABV. However, some premium vodka brands may have a higher alcohol content of up to 50% ABV.  100 proof vodka percentage is half the proof number and therefore 100 proof alcohol is 50% ABV, meaning the strong vodka alcohol percentage is 50%. It's important to drink responsibly and be aware of the vodka percentage and the content of the drinks you consume.

100 proof vodka for tinctures

100 proof vodka or 50% vodka for tinctures is available from Harris Organic to make your tinctures. 

Where to buy 100 proof vodka

Where to buy 100 proof vodka, in Australia, you may ask? Right here. As we produce about 100 bottles per year, we only sell online. You can have organic 100 proof vodka delivered to your door via Australia Post.

What kind of Vodka is 100 proof?

There are different kinds of alcohol that are 100 proof. Depending on the distiller's choice. Vodka is normally either 37.5% 40% or 50%, that is 75, 80 or 100 proof depending on how much the distiller wants to dilute the alcohol. Brandy, Rum and whiskey can also be bottled at 100 proof vodka.

What is the strongest Vodka in Australia you can buy?

The strongest Vodka you can drink is 100 proof, any higher ABV than 100 proof vodkas, like 190 proof vodka, is not suitable for drinking.  It's important to note that consuming high-strength alcohol can be extremely dangerous and potentially deadly. It can cause alcohol poisoning, respiratory failure, and other serious health problems or death. It's always recommended to drink alcohol in moderation and to seek help if you're struggling with alcohol addiction.

Support Ukraine.

Support Ukraine, buy Australian Strong organic vodka, not Russian vodka, it's better for you and the environment.

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A diverse and unique vodka

Harris Organic 100 Proof Vodka is an impressive spirit with a unique flavour profile derived from organic grapes. Its higher proof brings intensity and robustness while maintaining a surprising smoothness. The clean aroma and rich, slightly spicy taste make it enjoyable neat or in cocktails. Harris Organic's commitment to organic farming and sustainability adds to its appeal. Although availability may be limited, those who can find it online will be rewarded with a memorable vodka experience. (22 May 2023, 21:35)
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