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Swan Valley Winery Visit - Organic Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting - by appointment

Organic wine tasting by appointment is conducted at our cellar door by the owner and winemaker, Duncan Harris, and include a taste of four of his best organic wines.

We are happy to welcome you to our small wine tasting room at the best organic cellar door in Perth.

Each seated wine tasting experience (of four wines, from a choice of eight) is a refundable charge with the purchase of six bottles or more per person. We can seat up to 8 people at any one time.

If you are a group of eight or more please see Swan Valley wineries tour for group bookings.

We are only able to produce very small quantities of high quality wine for our seated tastings. We suggest you allow at least 30 minutes for a seated tasting.

Wine Tastings - by appointment

Where to Find Us

On a Swan Valley wine tasting our Swan Valley cellar door is not far from the Upper Swan and opposite John Kosovich Wines in Memorial Avenue, eleven kilometres from Midland and eight kilometres from the Great Northern and Reid Highway intersection. When you are wine tasting in the Swan Valley there are many interesting places to visit.

Memorial Avenue on the eastern side of the Swan river is an ideal place to start wine tasting.

We are located at the top of the Swan Valley map, on the corner of Memorial Avenue and Great Northern Highway, Baskerville.


179 Memorial Ave,
Baskerville WA 6056.

Best Cellar Door - Hours

Open 11 am - 4.30 pm Thurs. to Mon.
Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday by appointment

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Harris Organic Wines was established in 1998 in Perth's Swan Valley.

Other offerings

Want to know how to taste wine?

Wine tasting, an intricate interplay of senses, begins with a visual evaluation, progresses to a nuanced exploration of aromas, and culminates in assessing the taste, structure, and balance of the wine on the palate.

Each sip reveals the grape variety, terroir, and the winemaker's craftsmanship.

For someone deeply involved in wine tasting, like yourself, appreciating the wine's origin is crucial; understanding the influence of the vineyard's microclimate, soil, and sustainable practices adds depth to this sensory journey, making each glass a profound connection to the environment in which the grapes are grown.

Organic Wine Loyalty Programme

When you buy our organic wine at our Swan Valley cellar door we will give you a loyalty card as part of our loyalty programme.
When you purchase 12 bottles and receive twelve stamps, we will give you a free bottle of organic wine of your choice. How good is that!

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Organic Brandy Tasting

There is only one organic brandy distiller in the Swan Valley.

Brandy Tour - Swan Valley

Have you tried a Swan Valley Brandy tour? Harris Organic produces the only certifed organic brandy in Western Australia. Besides tasting brandy you may taste Pisco, Vodka and organic Gin from our estate grown organic fruit with your organic visit.

When you are on a tour of the Swan Valley you can taste the four spirits (4 x 5ml) for a refundable charge on a bottle of organic spirit purchase. Tasting by appointment please.

Certified Organic Wine by the glass

We are also able to serve you our certified organic wine by the glass on our outdoor patio or on the lawn under the old oak tree on weekends.

Harris Organic values responsible driving, ie please dont drink and drive.
Please find a copy of our Perth wine tasting list.
The Swan Valley is a wine region located in Western Australia, known for producing a variety of different wines.

Children at the Winery

We are happy to welcome your children (by appointment) to our seated tasting room at our intimate Swan Valley cellar door. Your children are to be supervised at all times. Recently some guests with children proceed to run around the property without supervision.

This is strictly out of bounds. As a working farm there are many dangerous items that children would love to play on. However, children need to be quietly seated within our small tasting room and cellar door. I am sure you will understand that a working farm is to be respected.


We welcome you to our organic farm. We have lots to see and talk to you about.

However, there are many pest and diseases in Western Australia that we do not have on our unique organic farm and we would like to keep it that way.

Therefore, we ask you to use the driveway and paths around the property but do not enter the vineyard without written authority.

I am sure you will understand that an organic working farm is to be respected at all times. A bio-security issue may have the consequence of us loosing our organic certification status, and our organic livelihood and no wine for you. Want to know more about Bio-security?

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