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Distillery History

First planted in 1999, the vines at Harris Organic Wines’ vineyard are created by hand - from the first budburst of Spring to the final pruning in grey winter, the organic vineyard (where beautiful wine begins) is carefully tended by Duncan.

Because the Harris Organic vineyard is managed using organic principles of viticulture, no pesticides or herbicidal chemicals are used on or around the vines, nor are the vines artificially fertilised.

The organic grapes are fermented into a special wine. Once finished the wine is pumped to the wood fired pot still.

Everything is done by hand at Harris Organic; from chopping the wood to most importantly, the labelling of the bottles; this means there are no machine battered bottles at Harris Organic – you could say that we are happy producers of “free range" organic spirits.

Below is an abv dilution calculator I use to reduce the alcohol content of my moonshine or brandies from cask strength to bottle strength. You can use it too.

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Alcohol Dilution Calculators

Everclear Dilution Calculators

Spirit Dilution Calculators

If you want to know how much water to add to dilute your Moonshine or Everclear alcohol down, just multiply the amount of spirits you have by (strong/weak) - 1

eg: if you want to dilute 2L of 75% alcohol down to 40%, you will need to add 2 x ((75/40)-1) = 1.75L of water

If you want to know how much water to add to dilute your alcohol down, just multiply the amount of spirits you have by (strong/weak) - 1

eg: if you want to dilute 2L of 75% alcohol down to 40%, you will need to add 2 x ((75/40)-1) = 1.75L of water
Dilute L of % alcohol Down to %
By adding L of Water

If you want to know how much strong alcohol to use to make a known quantity, multiply the final amount by (weak/strong)

eg: to make 1.125L of 40% alcohol using moonshine spirit at 75%, you will need to use 1.125 x (40/75) = 0.6L of the 75% spirit, then top it up to 1.125L using water.
To make L of % alcohol using % alcohol
Use L of Alcohol and L of Water

Alcohol Proof or Abv ?

Note that there are a couple of different ways of describing the alcohol strength of your moonshine. Some people tend to talk about "Proof" whereas others (myself included) tend to stick to "ABV" - the amount of Alcohol By Volume. Basically 100 proof = 50% abv.

But its not always so ... Harry Jackson explains ...
    In the US a very simple relationship is defined between 'proof' and % AbV. It is that proof = 2 × %AbV So, 180 proof (US) = 90 %AbV.

    It the UK it was laid down by an Act of Parliament in 1816 that "a quantity of 100 proof liquor would have the same weight as 12/13 ths of the same volume of pure water at 51° F." (That is twelve thirteenths) So,
    100 proof (UK) = 57.06 %AbV
    200 proof (US) = 100 %AbV = 175.25 proof (UK)
    100 proof (US) = 50 %AbV = 87.6 proof (UK)

    To avoid confusion, most alcohol for export from the UK is labelled at ABV.

    A bit of history...

    What is Proof Strength?

    Alcohol Proof strength is another (older) measure of the strength of an alcoholic liquid. It had its origins in days when a simple test was needed that the liquor did indeed contain a *correct* measure (or more) of alcohol. And it was indeed a simple test.

    Some of the liquor was poured over a little gunpowder and ignited. If the alcohol content was adequate, then it would burn 'just right' with a steady blue flame and eventually ignite the gunpowder. If there was insufficient alcohol then it would fizzle out and the gunpowder would be too wet to burn. The 'just right' condition 'proved' the liquor and it was declared to be 100 proof vodka.

    This simple test was clearly cumbersome to perform and was later replaced by using a specially graduated hydrometer to measure the specific gravity. This was far more objective and allowed precise statements to be made as to how much different it was from being 100 proof. This gave rise to "under-proof" and "over-proof" measures.

    Keep your powder dry (or wet it with the right stuff!) At one time (in the days of sailing ships, cannons and gunpowder) the makers of Plymouth Gin distilled a special gin for the Royal Navy. It was 57%AbV or 100 proof. Why? In order to keep it secure it was stored in the magazine close by the gunpowder. So, even if it leaked and wetted the gunpowder, at 100% proof the gunpowder would still explode. Though that need has been long gone, they still market the stuff as Navy Strength!

What we do ?

Organic Spirit making
Harris Organic is the first certified organic distillery in Perth. We only use natural yeasts in our ferments. We specialise in hot climate winemaking, making the best certified organic spirits in Australia.
Organic distilling
Harris Organic is the only certified organic distillery in Perth. We use our organic grapes as the base for our organic Brandies, Moonshine and Vodka.
Cellar Door Sales
As we sell direct to you, at our cellar door or through our online store, our organic prices and quality are better than anywhere in Perth.