Celebrating 25 Years of

Greetings, wine enthusiasts of Harris Organic Wine & Spirits!

In the picturesque vineyards of Baskerville, WA, a monumental event unfolded. Harris Organic Wine & Spirits, the creation of visionary winemaker Duncan Harris and partner Paula Mackintosh, celebrated its 25th anniversary with an exquisite Long Table Lunch.

Amidst the alluvial plain and lush grapevines of their estate at 179 Memorial Avenue, guests enjoyed an intimate gathering blending organic winemaking, culinary expertise, and live music.

Setting the Stage: The Underground Cellar

Beneath nurturing roots, the celebration found its unique space – the underground cellar. This rustic sanctuary, surrounded by aging wine barrels, immersed guests in an ambience echoing with the whispers of maturing wines.

Ambient lighting played upon stone walls, casting a warm glow on wine enthusiasts gathered below. In the heart of the Harris Organic underground cellar, the festivities took flight.

A Culinary Symphony: Perfect Pairings

Curated by Hidden Pantry, the menu was a symphony of organic whole foods, enhancing the unique flavours of Harris Organic Wine and spirits.

Every dish, a testament to the art of winemaking and local, sustainable agriculture, delighted the senses. Amidst laughter and clinking glasses, guests savoured impeccable pairings, relishing every moment and sip.

The Hidden Pantry chef - Shona Hunter at Harris Organic Wine & Spirits
Shona and Liam

Harmonious Melodies: 4 on 6

As the sun bathed the vineyards in golden light, guests were serenaded by “4 on 6,” a captivating violin and guitar duo.

Their music, a fusion of classical elegance and contemporary flair, added magic to the afternoon. The harmonious tunes resonated with clinking glasses and laughter, creating a symphony echoing through the cellar.

Four on Six at Harris Organic Wine & Spirits

Dedicated Assistance: Emily and Liam

Assisting Duncan and Paula were Emily Abbott and Liam James, ensuring the event ran seamlessly.

Emily’s attention to detail and Liam’s passion for organic farming added finesse to the occasion, enhancing the experience for all.

A Toast to Sustainability and Future Adventures

Amidst the festivities, Duncan and Paula shared thoughts on preserving natural resources for future generations.

Their dedication to eco-friendly winemaking is an industry inspiration. The celebration marked 25 years of exquisite wines, sustainable practices, and a shared love for the environment.

Duncan and Paula
Duncan and Paula

Here’s to a future as rich and fruitful as the vines gracing the Harris Organic estate.


Duncan Harris