Organic Sparkling – Twenty-Five Year Celebration !!

 Celebrating 25 years with Organic Sparkling

Our organic sparkling celebration will be held on the December 3rd.  Furthermore, it’s a Saturday evening from  5 – 8 pm . Wine club members and your friends are welcome to attend.

Harris Organic Sparkling
Organic Sparkling

Organic Sparkling wine

We are celebrating 23 years of organic winemaking and 25 years of ownership with our sparkling chardonnay and sparkling Shiraz. Besides a few nibbles and good conversation at Harris Organic Wine and Spirits.
Watch the sun go down with a few friends, and then merrily depart for dinner at one of your favourite Swan Valley restaurants.  Also, bookings are essential for this event, please.

organic sparkling - Form one Planet
Form one Planet at Harris Organic

For more information contact Harris Organic Wines.

Swan Valley Sunset
Summer Sunset


Harris Organic Wines are celebrating 25 years of cellar door sales with a festive season sundowner on Saturday in early  December. Members of the Swan Valley community and guests will celebrate the festive season with organic sparkling vintage wines made by Duncan Harris, vigneron and proprietor.

Duncan said, ” He started his organic vineyard from scratch and can’t believe that we have been open for 25 years”. Where have all the years gone?”

Established in 1998 and open for business in the year 2000, Duncan has been busy establishing the only certified organic winery in Perth. Duncan makes a wide range of wine styles. Made from grapes from his organic vineyard, the wines include hand-disgorged traditional method sparklings.  In addition, these are the wines that will be available at the festive season sundowner for all attendees to enjoy. And the opportunity to stock up for the festive season.

In addition, always look for the logo on the products you are purchasing for your assurance of being “organic”. Harris Organic Wines has been producing certified organic wines since 2006.

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