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The Swan Valley is a wine region in Perth, Western Australia.

Swan Valley Restaurants for lunch

There are many Swan valley restaurants for lunch within the Swan Valley wine region. Many are booked out, particularly on Sundays. Doing lunch with friends and family is so popular on weekends.

A Swan Valley lunch particularly at a winery restaurant or Swan Valley cafe can be a remarkable relaxing afternoon event.

The best restaurants and cafes with some being down to earth and others al’ a carte menus. All are available for you to explore in Perth’s Swan Valley wine region.

Research and review the best Swan Valley restaurants, we leave it up to you to keep reading.

Swan Valley Wineries Lunches

There are over 40 wineries in the Swan Valley, some specialise in growing grapes and making wines while others have restaurants to entertain their guests. Swan Valley wineries for lunch list can be found at the Swan Valley Visitor Centre. If you are after a Swan Valley restaurant open on a Monday, call the Visitor Centre on 08 9207 8899 to find our who is open.

For more information on Swan Valley restaurants and cafes in the Swan Valley region, ask the volunteers at the Swan Valley Visitor Centre, they are sure to assist you regarding Swan Valley lunches.

Swan Valley winery lunches at one of the best Swan Valley winery restaurants or cafes can be a lovely relaxing afternoon.

However, booking seats or a table is highly recommended, it also helps plan your Swan Valley Wine Tour.

Swan Valley Restaurant
Swan Valley Restaurant

Swan Valley Cafes

There are so many Swan Valley Cafes. There are lots of places to grab a light lunch to eat with family and friends at cafes in the valley.

Thus, visit a Swan Valley winery with a cafe, eat some good food, and your stomachs will be filled and your friends will be happy.

Cafes in the Valley

One cafe in the valley we recommend is Edgecombe Brothers. If you are on the “west side of the river” as the locals say, you may like to visit Edgecombe Brothers. They have an extensive menu and the staff are very friendly.

Swan Valley Restaurant for dinner

A Swan Valley restaurant for dinner, you ask? You will be surprised by how many restaurants in the Swan Valley are open at night these days.

Many years ago, Lamonts restaurant was the only place open in the Swan Valley for an evening meal.

However, these days there are quite a few open SV restaurants for dinner on a Saturday night.

Several Swan Valley restaurants on Great Northern Highway are:

  • Swan Valley Brewery
  • Brookleigh
  • Silver Oak Indian Cafe and Restaurant

For more Swan Valley Restaurants you can view these on TripAdvisor

Places to eat in the Valley

There are lots of places to eat in the valley. Listed above are several valley restaurants. Near Harris Organic on Memorial Avenue, you have Upperreach, Brookleigh and the new Indian The Tandoori Bistro in Millendon, where the Swan Valley Cafe used to be.

Sunday Lunch – Swan Valley Lunch

A Swan Valley Lunch, what a great idea. You can have a Swan Valley lunch with family or friends. Many years ago the Swan Valley wineries were the wine shops of Perth. Now doing Sunday Lunch in the Swan Valley is a must. There are many Swan Valley restaurants and cafes available for Sunday lunch.

Make a booking for Sunday lunch as early as possible as Swan Valley lunch spots are very popular. Swan Valley wineries cafes and restaurants can be fully booked on Sundays.

Swan Valley  Restaurants - Autumn colours

Swan Valley Restaurant with playgrounds

Bring the kids to Swan Valley restaurants with a playground. Yes, there are a few. To name a couple of restaurants that are kid-friendly, here they are.

  • Edgecombe Brothers in Gnangara Road.
  • Oakover Grounds

Swan Valley Restaurants with fireplace

What better is a Swan Valley restaurant with a fireplace in winter. I can just imagine that roaring fire, the radiant heat warming one’s bones with you and your friends with a good glass of Swan Valley red wine in hand.

Several Swan Valley restaurant establishments have wood-fired fireplaces. The Abbey in West Swan Road or Alfreds Kitchen in Guildford both have wood-fired fireplaces, what better on a cold night.

In conclusion, the Swan Valley has a wide selection of restaurants. Whether you are a couple wanting to have a quiet picnic, a lunch, a cheese platter or have a family of friends, there is a Swan Valley restaurant to suit everyone.

Swan Valley – a place for Perth people

Whenever you come to Perth or are a resident of Perth, there are lots of places to eat in the Swan Valley. Swan Valley Restaurants, cafes and restaurants in wineries are all available for your enjoyment. Remember, there is a special place for everyone in the Swan Valley, it’s yours to explore.

Swan Valley Wine Tours

Swan Valley wine tours are a must if you are a resident of Perth or just visiting Perth, Western Australia, while on a holiday. Weekends can be busy at certain Swan Valley wineries.

But, on weekdays you will find the Perth weekenders are at work. However, this leaves you to have better service and more attention from the normally busy winery staff on your wine tour whether it be a full day or a half-day tour.

If you like to indulge in organic wine,  food or a great beer, then a Swan valley tour is for you.

Showing the variety of Swan Valley wineries, beers, cider, chocolate, cheese and food that are Swan Valley’s fine wine trail.

There is an extensive range of Swan Valley Food & Wine Trail packages for individuals and groups. The Swan Valley has a large range of full-day, half-day and sundowner wine tours, available  All can be tailored to your individual needs.

Swan Valley wine tours
Swan Valley Wine Tours by car

Swan Valley wine tour itinerary              

There are many different routes you can take to explore the Swan Valley. The Swan Valley has a 31 km ring road that circles the Swan Valley. With over 100 businesses to explore your wine tour itinerary could become quite complex.

However, the Swan Valley Visitor Centre in Guildford has a lot of wine tour itineraries you can choose from. If you have never explored the Swan Valley before the Visitor Centre is a must-see stop. Get a Swan Valley map and lots of free advice from the lovely volunteers too. They may even tell you where the only certified organic Swan Valley winery is located.

If you are looking for swan valley tours Perth, you will find a large range of options on how to explore and visit the Swan Valley. Just 30 kilometres from Perth CBD.

How to tour the Swan Valley?

You could take a Swan Valley tour by bus, private car, hire car or best of all or a Swan Valley wine tour by limo.

There are many Swan Valley bus tours you can choose from. Try a dedicated group tour that picks you up in the CBD or you can hire a bus for a day.

A Swan Valley wine tour by limousine will be dedicated to your day’s pleasure. Take in a few Swan Valley wineries, a spot of lunch and have a lazy afternoon exploring the Swan Valley.

Swan Valley winery vineyard
Swan Valley Vineyard

Swan Valley Bus Tours

If you are searching the internet for Swan Valley wine tours by bus, here are a number of Swan Valley Tours bus companies you can contact. The Swan Valley wine tours bus hire list can be found below.

Some bus companies will charter you a bus for a group and others will have a regular run of the Swan Valley wine region, picking you up in Perth and returning you to your choice of destination.

Swan Valley Bus Hire

If you want Swan Valley wine tours and are looking for bus hire, why not try some of the bus companies mentioned below. The Swan Valley bus hire company can be sort after particularly on weekends. If you can arrange a mid-week swan valley bus hire you will find you will have cheaper rates and better service as you will miss the weekend crowds.

Swan Valley bus charters are another way you can explore the Swan Valley for a Wine Tour.

Mr Shuttle will take you anywhere around the Swan Valley and even pick you up from the airport if you want an airport transfer.

Some Swan Valley bus charters and coach companies are:

The Best Swan Valley Tours       

There are many really great Swan Valley Tours, some of the best tours are mentioned in this Swan Valley wineries blog. However, if you can borrow a mate’s car or take an Uber you can have the whole Swan Valley to yourself for a day on a private Swan Valley wine tour.

Group Wine Tasting at Harris Organic

Group bookings will enjoy a hosted wine tasting experience at Harris Organic winery and will be hosted by our experienced winemaker. The tastings usually run for 40-50 minutes depending on group size.

Our offering allows your group to sample four preset Harris Organic wines produced from our Swan Valley organic grapes, ranging from dry whites and reds. The wine tasting list is set and non negotiable.

The tasting fee for groups of 8 to 20 people is $20 per person.

If you’d like to book a Group Wine Tasting please get in touch (via email) to confirm availability.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Bookings require a $50 deposit for groups of 10-19 and a $100 deposit for groups 20 or more to confirm the booking and then payment in full, which is required two days prior to the tasting.
  2. Cancellations within 48 hours of the booked Group Wine Tasting will be refunded as cellar door credit. Cancellations prior to 48 hours will be refunded in full.
  3. Group Wine Tastings are scheduled for a maximum of 1 – hour time slot (tastings usually take between 40-50 minutes). Please be on time as arriving late may not mean an extension of time with us, and your tasting time may be cut short.
  4. In accordance with our governing compliance we may require to sight ID for anyone that looks 25 years or younger, please note legal drinking age in Western Australia is 18 years.
  5. Any takeaway wine will only be provided to the group upon the completion of the tasting.
  6. We do not have the license required to sell alcohol for dine-in consumption.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is deemed intoxicated and as such the group as a whole may be requested to vacate the premises. No refund or cellar door credit will be provided.


There are many ways to tour the Swan Valley wine region. Tour either by taxi, car, bus, bicycle, a walking tour or even a Horse Drawn Wagon Tour. Try a combination of taxi and walking by meandering around Memorial Ave, Baskerville. Check out the history of the 100-year-old vineyards by asking for information at any Swan Valley cellar door while on your Swan Valley Wine Tours.

Whatever you choose, you will love the Swan Valley.

Is there anything else you would like to know about Perth’s Swan Valley wine region? Leave us a comment.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year.

What a Wwoofing / Helpx / Workaway year and has it gone fast.  Thank you to all you guys for helping me make Harris Organic wines the success it is. You are all welcome to return and stay at any time.

Hello Volunteers, many thanks for helping our in our winery during the year.

More info about volunteering can be found at Harris Organic Winery page.

The organic vines at this time of year

Did you see the picture of the pizza. Check out how to build a pizza oven here.

How to build a pizza oven from bricks – step by step

Build a brick pizza oven

Building a pizza oven from used solid bricks can be a very rewarding project.

This homemade red brick pizza oven building project was started in May 2010. It’s a DIY, do it your self, style of DIY brick pizza oven.

A lot of work went into exploring different traditional brick pizza oven websites like and

Here you will find the step by step pictures of my homemade pizza oven so you can build a workable oven that cooks real pizzas and marvellous bread.

The pizza oven is a traditional dome type whereas the tunnel type of pizza oven is easier to build. If you have any questions feel free to make comments. This pizza oven is designed to be moved by forklift, but not towed on a trailer.

Brick Pizza Oven Plans

DIY pizza oven

When you follow along this thread you will find lots of information on building your own DIY pizza oven. A solid base is a good start and sorting your own solid pizza oven bricks to make a lovely brick pizza oven helps with your brick pizza oven plans. Mine has been going ten years now, so we are confident that this method will work for you.

Step 1.

The pizza oven base

First of all, determine what type of pizza oven base you require. Delta core concrete, made this light and strong and transportable. “Deltacore” are in Perth, Western Australia. I got my base home with my 6×4 trailer. This means I can pick the brick oven up with my forklift and place it anywhere I want. Most people will choose to build theirs in place using concrete or bricks.

oven base
Oven base made by Deltacore a local concrete company.

The base is 1500 x 1200 mm and 150mm deep. You will need to add two tension bars across the base to give tension in that direction.

Pizza oven bricks

Red Solid Bricks

Old red solids bricks found around the organic farm were used on this build. Some are very soft and others very hard to cut with the fourteen-inch friction saw.  We found soaking the pizza oven bricks in a bucket of water. This reduced the amount of dust when cutting them and they were easier to cut too.

Step 2.

Brick Pizza Oven Dimensions

Determine the inside diameter of the brick pizza oven. This brick pizza oven is one metre inside diameter. The internal height is half a metre, half the diameter of the internal diameter.

Pizza oven base
Brick Pizza oven base

Here I have marked it out and placed the outside base layer of red solids in place. Glue the red bricks to the concrete with a mixture of clay, lime and cement. Remember you are building a brick pizza oven, not a mortar pizza oven. To do this keep the gaps between your bricks less than 3mm.

Pizza oven base
Concrete Pizza oven base
Pizza oven base board
The Pizza oven baseboard
Pizza oven base cutoff saw
Pizza oven base saw

To set the base out I drew the one-metre diameter on a 6mm sheet of cement sheet with the entrance of the brick pizza oven door too. Under the sheet went a 25mm layer of high-temperature ceramic insulation. To cut and shape the bricks I used a 14-inch friction saw, with a masonry disk. Old bricks are easy to cut and if soaked in a bucket of water have a reduced amount of dust. You can use the brick dust in your mortar mix.

Bricks and Mortar

In building a pizza brick oven, mortar should be used in only up to 6mm thick applications.  Mortar should be used to assist in forming the brick walls and shouldn’t be used in plugging large holes as it will burn out.

This is the brick mortar ratio I used:   10 : 6 : 2 : 3 – Sand, Fire Clay, Portland grey cement, and lime.

Pizza oven insulation

Insulating a brick pizza oven

Insulating a pizza oven is most important. Mineral wool is the best as it will withstand 2000C, much more than required. Rockwool is the next best or perlite, depending on whether it is under or on top of the bricks. If the insulation is under the brick floor it needs to be supported to not squash the pizza oven insulation.

How to support the insulation

There is a product on the market, used in foundries called a chaplet. Available in various sizes they will hold solid surfaces apart. Use them to stop the insulation from being squashed.

Pizza oven base insulation
Brick Pizza oven base insulation
Pizza oven base insulation
oven base mineral wool insulation
oven base insulation
The oven base insulation is under the cement sheet.
oven base insulation floor
More oven base floor
oven base floor
oven base floor with mineral wool just showing.
oven base floor insulation
The oven base floor insulation
oven base floor bricks
oven base floor bricks
oven base floor bricks
The oven base floor bricks

Here is the first layer in place, ready for the next layer.

Step 3.

Finish the Pizza oven floor.

oven base floor
The oven base floor bricks
oven base floor tiles
pizza oven base floor bricks

The pizza oven first outside layer of bricks and the floor finished with red floor tiles.

Here I have used clay floor tiles, in hindsight, not a good choice as they crack under heat stress. A later version has ceramic furnace tiles in place of these. NB that under the floor tiles is a layer of 50 mm brick pavers sitting on top of the cement sheet. Next build I will place 50 mm of insulation under the brick pavers, using chaplets to hold the baseboard up from squashing the insulation.

The photographer
Who is the photographer
The builder.
The pizza oven builder.

Step 4.

Making the oven door and formwork.

Red Tile floor
The Tiled floor

You will require two pieces of steel, one for the oven door and the other for the flue entrance. I bent these the hard way with a hammer. In the centre of the photo is the form for building the brick dome. The door is 550mm wide and 260mm high.

Shep watching on.
Shep watching on.
Pizza oven Tile floor – Planning

The Pizza oven former is a piece of sheet metal angle welded to a steel rod. At the centre is a washer welded to the rod.

Can you see the pin in the centre of the Pizza oven floor, next to the cup? It’s a bolt through a piece of plywood and stuck to the floor with masking tape.

pin in the centre of the floor
See the pin in the centre of the floor

Here the second layer is stuck to the first layer. Looks like the last brick need to be cut to finish this Pizza oven layer.

The former
The former
Second layer in place
The second layer in place
third layer in place
The Pizza oven third layer in place

The third layer in place.

The fourth layer nearly finished.
The fourth layer nearly finished.

Note the small pieces of brick used as wedges.

The fourth layer nearly finished.
The fourth layer nearly finished.

Step 5.

The Pizza oven chimney

A mock up early in the build.
Early in the build.
A mock-up of the Pizza oven chimney early in the build.
A tricky bit of brickwork over the door
Starting another layer

A mock-up early in the build.

Good Pizza oven brickwork
Halfway there
The Pizza oven builder – Duncan
Duncan – the Pizza oven builder
The builder bricklayer – Duncan
Another layer finished.

Note the inner top Pizza oven bricks are getting towards being vertical, meaning the mud between the bricks has to dry before moving the former.

Step 5

Finishing the dome

The final part of the brick building. In this step, I have placed a disk of sheet metal inside through the door up under the dome. It is held up with red bricks and wood. On top of the sheet is some sand formed into a dome and the remaining Pizza oven bricks placed onto the sand.

Build nearly finished
Nearly finished, just need to add the flue.
The build nearly finished- looks good where it counts

Once all the Pizza oven bricks are in place the sheet is removed and it all stays together.

The Pizza oven inside finished.

See the good brickwork
Good brickwork
The finished dome before the mortar seals it
Another cup of tea on the hearth

The first Pizza oven chimney in place. just needs mortar.

Another view
Finished Pizza oven
Picked up with the forklift

Step 6

Firing and drying

See the first small fire
Chimney redesigned #2

Chimney No. 2.

The first Pizza oven chimney was OK but smoked on startup. After making the larger chimney #2, which was much better, I found that they all smoke on startup. It is the volume of smoke produced that the Pizza oven chimney can’t cope with even if you have a big fire. The answer is to start with a small fire.

Step 7

Finishing the outside of the pizza oven

Insulating the brick oven.

Here, I have used old fibreglass batts to insulate the rick oven, however, “Rockwool” is recommended to finish the outside of the pizza brick oven. Once you have the insulation, you have a couple of options.

One is to cover the outside with mortar or build a waterproof structure over the brick oven.

Pizza oven Shotgun chimney
pizza oven nearly finished
pizza oven insulation

Brick Pizza oven – new chimney

Step 8

Adding the mortar over the chicken wire.

pizza oven mortar coat
pizza oven insulation cover

Painful. The lesson with this is to place aluminium foil or some other non-combustible on top of the insulation under the wire mesh. Also, you may need to place foundry chaplets in the insulation too so the mortar will not squash the insulation. Then, if the insulation is compressed the chaplets will hold the mortar away from the bricks. In this case, the mortar overhangs the concrete base, which does not help. There is a better way.

Mortar layer all finished.

Duncan, the proud owner

The finished article. Later, we cut off the daggy bits covering the base and added some sheet metal angle to support the mortar layer.

DIY pizza oven plans free

If you require drawings and all you want is free plans, then check out Forno Bravo.

DIY pizza oven plans free is a common search term on the internet.  At you will find many interesting articles on building the perfect brick oven.

One hot pizza oven
One hot pizza oven

Then allow some time for the mortar and bricks to dry inside and out and then it’s pizza time.

Pizza oven running with woofs
Pizza oven running with WWOOF
Making pizzas
Just out of the oven

And, what more do you want with hot wood fired pizza is a glass of organic red wine.

Organic Red Wine

Harris Organic Wine Blog

Duncan Harris has written an organic wine blog post about his organic wines, events and titbits for your information and education. This is a blog site to the main site of Harris Organic Wines and Organic Vodka websites because this is a word press site and the other is html. Enjoy.

harris organic vineyard
Harris Organic Vineyard

The  Harris Organic Wines website home link is here.

Harris Organic has an online wine shop, so if you are unable to get to the Perth Swan Valley you may order online.

Our cellar door is in the Swan Valley, Western Australia. We are able to ship wine anywhere in the world and have heavily discounted freight to most capital cities in Australia. And on case sales, we have discounted postage costs on the interstate and overseas deliveries.

 Organic wine Case buyers lunch and Events

Organic Wine Events and Case Buyers Lunch

We hold organic wine events and long table lunches for small groups of people interested in good food and organic wines. Patrons can come together and enjoy the rural atmosphere at Harris Organic Swan Valley winery.

Case Buyers Lunch
Case Buyers Lunch for all our supporters of Harris Organic

There are many events at Harris Organic winery. Come to our grape pickers’ lunch, pruning for pizza, sundowners, brandy evenings and long lunches are part of our activities.

To know more about the organic winery, you may join our subscriber list. Subscribe to receive monthly news. Be the first to know what’s happening about upcoming events., subscribe to become a friend and receive our newsletters.

Feel free to ask a question by emailing our winemaker Duncan at any time.  We even have an organic wine club.  Members can receive the latest vintages, old and rare wines and reserved wines for members only.

Subscribe to our “Friends of Harris Organic Wines” monthly newsletter. NB, your private data will stay private.

Where is Harris Organic Wines?

Harris Organic Wines, Swan Valley Winery is situated in the Perth metropolitan region of Western Australia. You will find us on the Swan Valley map.

The organic wine blog is extensive. You can read about building a pizza oven or controlling vineyard weeds. Enjoy.

Organic Wine Events

During the year we have a number of organic wine events to tickle your taste buds.


Organic Wine Events at the Organic Winery

Grape Pickers Lunch – every Saturday in February

For those who want to experience a real organic vintage, come and help us pick some grapes and enjoy a morning tea and beautiful lunch on us, plus a tasting of the wine variety you just picked. 5.30am – 12.00am.  Get tickets here to ensure your place – a booking fee applies. Harris Organic Wines.

The Post Vintage Weekend – First Saturday in March


Harris Organic Wines is celebrating the 2022 vintage with a special Swan Valley Food and organic wine Sundowner at the Vineyard.  Come and join us for a glass of our hand-made ‘Methode Traditionale” organic sparkling wine, followed by several vintages of verdelho, accompanied by Mediterranean tapas. You will also be treated to our speciality dessert wine ‘pedro ximenez’.   Sundowner event – 6.00 pm Friday eve. Organic Sundowner Tickets

Grape Pickers Lunch – Every Saturday in February

Start your Swan Valley Vintage weekend adventure with us at the Grape Pickers Lunch.  Arrive at 5.30 am and help with picking a row  or two of grapes and putting the fruit  of your labour through its first stage of processing, followed by lunch in the cellar and wine tasting in return! Get tickets   Grape Pickers Lunch here to ensure your place next year.

Long Table Lunch
Long Table Lunch at Harris Organic


 organic wine event - Harris Organic Wines
organic wine event

Harris Organic Wines – Swan Valley

Harris Organic Wines is a Swan Valley winery that is the only certified organic winery in the Perth metro area. A special beautiful place to visit, be entertained or participate in events during the year.

Organic Sparkling – Twenty-One Year Celebration !!

 Celebrating 21 years with Organic Sparkling

Our organic sparkling celebration will be held on the December 3rd.  Furthermore it’s a Saturday evening from  5 – 8 pm . Wine club members  and your friends are welcome to attend.

Harris Organic Sparkling
Organic Sparkling

Organic Sparkling wine

We are celebrating 20 years of organic winemaking and 21 years of ownership with our  sparkling chardonnay and sparkling shiraz. Besides a few nibbles and good conversation at Harris Organic Wine and Spirits.
Watch the sun go down with a few friends, and then merrily depart for dinner at one of your favourite Swan Valley restaurants.  Also, bookings are essential  for this event please.

organic sparkling - Form one Planet
Form one Planet at Harris Organic

For more information contact Harris Organic Wines.

Swan Valley Sunset
Summer Sunset


Harris Organic Wines are celebrating 21 years of cellar door sales with a festive season sundowner on Saturday in early  December. Members of the Swan Valley community and guests will celebrate the festive season with organic sparkling vintage wines made by Duncan Harris, vigneron and proprietor.

Duncan said, ” He started his organic vineyard from scratch and cant believe that we have been open for 21 years”. Where have all the years gone?”

Established in 1998 and open for business in the year 2000, Duncan has been busy establishing the only certified organic winery in Perth. Duncan makes a wide range of wine styles. Made from grapes from his organic vineyard, the wines including hand disgorged traditional method sparklings.  In addition, these are the wines that will be available at the festive season sundowner for all attendees to enjoy. And the opportunity to stock up for the festive season.

In addition, always look for the logo on the products you are purchasing for your assurance of being “organic”. Harris Organic Wines has been producing certfied organic wines since 2006.

New Southern Cross Certified logo
Southern Cross Certified logo

Winery Lunch – Swan Valley

Case Buyers – Winery Lunch

Long Table Lunch
Long Table Lunch

Food & Organic Wine Long Lunch

Come to a Swan Valley winery long lunch in the underground cellar with the organic winemaker, where we are hosting a Spring long table lunch for our wine club and case wine buyers.

This event has developed over the years for our honoured guests and supporters of Harris Organic Wines. We have now called it the “Case Buyers Lunch“.

Be our guests and enjoy a delicious six-course feast with winemaker Duncan, including lots of organic wines to match the foods. While you are in the underground cellar, experience a barrel tasting of some rich liqueurs.

The Swan Valley is renowned for making liqueur wines, as we have a special climate for growing and ripening special grapes for the purpose. At Harris Organic Wine and Spirits we make the only certified organic liqueurs in the world.

The cost of the degustation includes a discount on our organic wines for you to take home.
Ph: (08) 9296 0216.  for more information contact Harris Organic Wines.

chicken in cellar
chicken in cellar

Down in the underground cellar amongst the casks of organic wine awaiting your arrival. The underground cellar was built in 2001. The 300 mm thick walls hold back the 4 metres of earth. Meanwhile, the roof is also 300 mm thick and is strong enough to have a bus drive across it. 

Serving Dessert
Serving Dessert

Case Buyers Lunch

Our dessert sometimes consists of a slice of salted caramel tart or tartlet, this year the mulberries have finished early.

Last years fantastic menu prepared and served by professional chef John O’Hara consisted of :


  • Verdelho and Chardonnay         
  • Minted broad beans with goats cheese and garlic toast
  • Savoury tart with leek and blue cheese

Main Course

  • Shiraz and Malbec
  • Spanish ham and manchego croquettes
  • Grilled lamb koftas and hummus
  • Roast root vegetables and fetta salad
  • Chorizo and lime
  • House olives


  • Liqueur Muscat and Liqueur Pedro Ximenez
  • Pecan tart
  • Chocolate and vanilla profiteroles
  • Assorted macarons

  • Coffee and Tea, served at the cellar door after lunch


Entertainment by our lovely friends, Charles and Gillian, with Four on Six.

Also, the above will be similar but not the same as the last Case wine buyer’s long lunch.

Book now for the next long lunch at Harris Organic Wines when you buy a case of Harris Organic wine.