Swan Valley Restaurants for lunch

There are many Swan valley restaurants for lunch within the Swan Valley wine region. Many are booked out, particularly on Sundays. Doing lunch with friends and family is so popular on weekends.

A Swan Valley lunch particularly at a winery restaurant or cafe can be a remarkable relaxing afternoon event.

The best restaurants and cafes with some being down to earth and others al’ a carte. All are available for you to explore.

Research and review the best Swan Valley restaurants, we leave it up to you keep reading.

Swan Valley Wineries Lunch

There are over 40 wineries in the swan valley, some specialise in growing grapes and making wines while others have restaurants to entertain their guests. A full list of Swan Valley wineries for lunch can be found at the Swan Valley Visitor Centre

For more information on restaurants and cafes in the Swan Valley, ask the volunteers at the Swan Valley Visitor Centre, they are sure to assist you.

A Swan Valley winery lunch at one of the best Swan Valley wineries restaurants or cafes can be a lovely relaxing afternoon.

However, booking seats or a table is highly recommended, it also helps plan your Swan Valley Wine Tour.

If you are on the “west side of the river” as the locals say, you may like to visit Edgecombe Brothers.

Swan Valley Restaurant
Swan Valley Restaurant

Swan Valley Cafes

There are so many Swan Valley Cafes. There are lots of places to grab a light lunch to eat with family and friends.

Thus, visit a Swan Valley winery with a cafe, eat some good food, and your stomachs will be filled and your friends will be happy.

Restaurant for dinner

A Swan Valley restaurant for dinner, you ask? You will be surprised by how many restaurants in the Swan Valley are open at night these days.

Many years ago, Lamonts restaurant was the only place open in the Swan Valley for an evening meal.

However, these days there are quite a few open restaurants for dinner on a Saturday night.

Several on Great Northern Highway are:

  • Swan Valley Brewery
  • Brookleigh
  • Silver Oak Indian Cafe and Restaurant

Sunday Lunch – Swan Valley

Many years ago the Swan Valley wineries were the wine shops of Perth. Now doing Sunday Lunch in the Swan Valley is a must. There are many Swan Valley restaurants and cafes available for Sunday lunch. Make sure you are making a booking as Sunday lunch is very popular and many Swan Valley cafes and restaurants are fully booked on Sundays.

Swan Valley  Restaurants - Autumn colours

Swan Valley restaurant with playgrounds

Swan Valley restaurants with a playground. Yes, there are a few. To name a couple of restaurants that are kid-friendly, here they are.

  • Edgecombe Brothers in Gnangara Road.
  • Oakover Grounds

Restaurants with fireplace

What better is a Swan Valley restaurant with a fireplace in winter. I can just imagine that roaring fire, the radiant heat warming one’s bones with you and your friends with a good glass of Swan Valley red wine in hand.

Wood-fired fireplaces can be found in several Swan Valley establishments. The Abbey in West Swan Road or Alfreds Kitchen in Guildford both have wood-fired fireplaces, what better.

In conclusion, the Swan Valley has a wide selection of restaurants. Whether you are a couple wanting to have a quiet picnic, cheese platter or a family of friends, there is a Swan Valley restaurant to suit everyone.