Volunteering at an Organic Vineyard – Winery

Volunteering at an Organic Vineyard in Perth and the Swan Valley’s only organic vineyard. The winery has willing volunteers during the year to help maintain the vineyard and home.

Volunteering at an Organic Vineyard

Workaway and Helpx volunteers are welcome at our certified organic vineyard and winery in Perth’s Swan Valley. We have a room for couples and a caravan that has space enough for two persons.

There is a variety of work all year round that is not too strenuous and plenty of time to learn new skills. Since 2006 we have been Certified Organic and now with Southern Cross Certified.

To go to the Workaway Australia site, visit here or email Duncan Harris to enquire about staying with us while you are in Perth.
Please state your Workaway number and your age etc.. when writing to us.

Please note.. Be prepared to cook mixed meals for everyone. Drinking organic wine is voluntary!

Couples welcome and non-smoking is essential.

Thanks to all my volunteers in 2019.

A big thank you to every one of you. You make my heart sing with joy for the energy and vibrancy you bring to myself and Harris Organic. May you be home with your family at this time of year and if you are still in Australia I hope you have Christmas with some good friends to enjoy a few hours reminiscing about your travels.

Paula and I are off to New Zealand in January for ten days and will arrive home to start vintage in what may be a very challenging year for the organic vineyard. We won’t be praying, but hope there is some good rainfall before vintage starts on January 23rd 2020.

If you are returning to Perth give us a call so we can catch up before you depart for your home shores.

All the best and Merry Christmas.

2022 Volunteers

Now that the border is reopening in March 2022 we will be welcoming volunteers again. Come volunteering at an Organic Vineyard. Volunteers have been a rare commodity during COVID and it will be lovely to have some fresh faces and great talent arrive to assist us.