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Liqueur Tokay wine is a delicious sweet wine Australian fortified wine liqueur.

Tokay wine is made from ripe organic Muscadelle grapes. They were crushed before fermentation began with natural yeasts - continuing to 30ºC through 6 Baume' sugar level before fortification with certified organic brandy.

Tokay wine ala liqueur Muscadelle is a very sweet wine produced from the grape of the same name. The organic grapes are picked when they are very ripe or when they have been dried from the sun - a process called ‘asoleo’. This process creates an intense sweet grape. Once fermentation has started, the tokay grape juice is pressed and then fortified with a neutral grape spirit. The grape spirit arrests the fermentation and retains the high residual sweetness.

Younger bottles of Liqueur Muscadelle are sweet, sticky wines that can be enjoyed with a chocolate dessert or spicy cheese. The more matured wines (aged more than 10 years) develop flavours of tar, smoke and herbs but also maintain their sweet flavours.

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What is Tokay Wine called in Australia?

Topaque vs Tokay

Topaque and Tokay are two different types of fortified wines that have similar names but come from different regions and have distinct characteristics.

Topaque, formerly known as Tokay, is an Australian liqueur as a fortified wine produced in the hot wine regions of Australia. It is made from the Muscadelle grape variety and aged in oak barrels, which gives it a complex flavour profile with notes of toffee, caramel, and dried fruit. Topaque can be produced in different styles, including dry, medium, and sweet, depending on the level of residual sugar left in the wine.

On the other hand, Tokay is a traditional Hungarian fortified wine made from the Furmint grape variety. It is also a fortified wine, but it is typically produced in a dry or semi-dry style, rather than the sweet styles that are common for Topaque. Tokay is known for its high acidity and mineral character, with citrus, green apple, and floral notes flavours.

It is important to note that the use of the name Tokay is no longer allowed outside of Hungary due to international agreements on the use of geographic indications. As a result, Australian liqueur winemakers have changed the name of their product from Tokay to Topaque to avoid confusion and comply with regulations.

Tokaji or Tokay is the name of the wines from the Tokaj wine region in Hungary or the adjoining Tokaj wine region in Slovakia.

Tokaj and Tokay are known as Topaque in Australia. The EU has claimed the name Tokaj (Tokajiand the Australians have renamed it Topaque which sounds like tow-pack-ee.  A bottle of "Grand" Australian liqueur means the wine is over 15 years old.

Tokay Liqueur was usually made from Muscadelle in Western Australia, however, in past years Swan Valley Pedro Ximenez has also been used to make this superb namedAustralian liqueur.

How is Tokay liqueur wine made?

The 'organic muscadelle must' to make tokay liqueur (Australian liqueur wine) is drained and basket pressed before returning to the open fermenter. Once the ferment has reached the desired sugar level the winemaker adds his organic neutral brandy to stop the fermentation. The organic sweet wine is then pumped to oak barriques for cellaring underground for maturation. After many summers and winters, the dessert wine was racked and bottled.  This Tokay fortified wine is now available in 750 mL bottles.

This very sweet dessert wine has very little preservative and organic brandy alcohol added for natural stability. A unique and true natural sweet wine because there is no one else in the world making certified organic liqueurs from grapes. 

What's Liqueur Tokay wine look and taste like?

Liqueur Tokay wine looks like a burnished golden wine with a nose of natural honey and seductive sweetness – on the palate, the taste is rich complexity of spices and orange hints.  It finishes with a lingering sweetness and flavours. A tokay wine of great finesse. Try this tokay drink after dinner with chocolate and coffee.

What is Tokay wine?

Harris Organic Liqueur Tokay wine is a distinctive wine from the Swan Valley and is highly regarded as one of Australia's unique styles of sweet wine. Made from the Muscadelle grape this wine has a clean scented aroma showing great depth of aged character.

What is the history of Tokay wine made in the Swan Valley?

Tokay wine, also known as Topaque, is a fortified wine that has a long and rich history in the Swan Valley region of Western Australia.

The origins of Tokay wine can be traced back to Hungary, where it was made from the Furmint grape variety. The wine was called Tokaji, after the Tokaj region where it was produced. Tokaji became famous throughout Europe and was considered one of the world's great wines.

In the early 19th century, Australian winemakers began experimenting with fortified wines, and the Swan Valley emerged as a major producer of these wines. Tokay was one of the varieties produced, and it quickly gained popularity due to its unique flavour and versatility.

However, in 2006, the European Union (EU) banned the use of the name "Tokay" on Australian wines, claiming that it was a protected designation of origin (PDO) that could only be used for wines produced in the Tokaj region of Hungary. In response, the Australian wine industry agreed to stop using the name "Tokay" and instead called the wine "Topaque."

Today, Topaque remains a popular wine in the Swan Valley, with many wineries producing their unique versions. The wine is typically made from a blend of different grape varieties, including Muscadelle, and Pedro Ximenez. It is aged in oak barrels for several years, giving it distinctive nutty and caramel flavours. Topaque can be enjoyed on its own or paired with desserts, cheeses, or chocolates.

Sweet Wine - Australia

When indulging in the pleasures of a truly delightful glass of wine, few experiences compare to savouring a sweet wine from Australia. With its sun-drenched vineyards and rich winemaking heritage, Australia has firmly established itself as a world-class producer of exceptional sweet wines.

From the vibrant and tropical notes of a sun-dried Muscat from the Swan Valley to the lusciously ripe and honeyed flavours of the late harvest.

Tokay from the Rutherglen, the diversity and quality of sweet wines in Australia are truly astounding. Whether enjoyed as a refreshing aperitif or paired with delectable desserts, a sip of sweet wine from Australia is a captivating journey through layers of complex flavours and a testament to the skill and passion of its winemakers.

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