How to make CBD oil at home – Australia

There are lots of ways how to make CBD oil at home and cannabis oil, whether it is a tincture or thc oil. Try making CBD oil at home. The method used here uses Australian pure alcohol to extract the CBD from your plant material to make pure CBD oil, hash oil or make cannabis oil for your homemade CBD oil.

Organic CBD oil is made by extracting CBD with organic alcohol from the cannabis plant and then evaporating the organic alcohol. Or you can add the extracted liquid to your cooking or make a CBD tea. Find out how to extract oil from hemp here.

As this CBD oil recipe uses pure alcohol of high proof is recommended to remove most of the alcohol to give you pure CBD oil before you directly ingest it or dilute it. Alcohol at 95% is not good for internal use unless diluted to less than 40% v/v or you can evaporate the alcohol off your how to make cannabis oil.

CBD tincture – online video

Here is a how-to make CBD tincture online video on making a simple CBD oil tincture using a magic butter machine. It’s simple to make and easy to follow the CBD oil recipe. All you need is a magic butter machine, some gloves, a funnel, containers and a bottle of Everclear or 95% organic alcohol or 190 proof alcohol.

Recipe for CBD oil tincture or cannabis tincture

You will find the CBD oil recipe on the “Make and Mary” website. It tells you how to decarb the CBD and soak for 3-4 weeks in pure alcohol Everclear. How you make CBD oil will also be explained on this page.

Alcohol for CBD Oil or Cannabis Tincture

There are many types of alcohol for CBD oil, hemp oil, weed oil, Marijuana oil, CBD isolate oil or cannabis tinctures. The best alcohol is 190 proof alcohol or 95% alcohol. This food-grade ethanol alcohol comes in many names. Some names are:

If you would like to purchase, ie buy Australian, buy Harris Organic food-grade ethanol or  Everclear alcohol and are residing in Australia you can purchase high-quality organic alcohol online to make CBD oil, in Australia.

Make CBD Oil tinctures.
Alcohol to make CBD oil tincture

This alcohol is ethanol ethyl alcohol, yes it is. there are several forms of alcohol. The one humans use is ethanol called ethyl alcohol. Methanol is another derivative, which is poisonous to humans.

How to make Hash Oil

How to make hash oil is as easy as making cannabis oil, but illegal. Just obtain your ingredients and the best Afghani hash and you can use the same method as shown above with the magic butter machine.

In Australia, it is illegal to produce or possess hash oil, as it is classified as a Schedule 2 drug under the Australian Criminal Code. Possession or production of hash oil can lead to serious legal consequences, including fines and imprisonment.

It’s important to prioritize your health and safety and avoid any illegal or potentially harmful activities. Instead, you may consider exploring legal and safe alternatives for your needs. If you require assistance with managing a medical condition, it’s recommended to seek advice from a qualified medical professional.

Rick Simpson Oil

A brief overview of Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) without going into extensive detail. RSO is a cannabis oil extract known for its potential medicinal properties, particularly in relation to cancer treatment. It is named after its creator, Rick Simpson, who claims that it helped him cure his skin cancer.

RSO is derived from the cannabis plant, and it’s typically made using a solvent alcohol extraction process. It is rich in cannabinoids, particularly THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is known for its psychoactive effects. Some studies suggest that RSO may have potential therapeutic benefits, such as pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties.

However, it’s essential to note that the use of RSO remains a subject of debate, as its legality and safety vary from place to place. It’s crucial to consult with a healthcare professional before considering RSO as a treatment option.

I recommend conducting further research on this topic or consulting a subject matter expert, as this brief overview does not cover all the aspects of RSO in detail.

CBD Oil Products

Try this link, for what the Western Australian Health Department says about cannabis oil or CBD oil products. Search here for information on cannabis-based products.

What is CBD oil tincture?

CBD oil (cannabidiol) is a chemical found in hemp or marijuana. CBD oil doesn’t contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in marijuana that gets you high. The usual CBD formulation is oil. Food, drinks, and beauty products are among the many CBD oil-infused online products. For more information on CBD oil cannabidiol, check this out.

Grow your own CBD from seeds.

One way and place to obtain seeds is through the post. A customer called me about the Harris certified organic alcohol he used in making his CBD tincture at home. He suggested getting seeds from Herbies Head Shop in Spain which ships worldwide.

Making Cannabis Oil – Australia

Making Cannabis oil or Canna in Australia is relatively straightforward if you follow the recipe. You will need a quantity of CBD heads and high-strength pure alcohol.

How to make Hemp Oil at home.

How to make Hemp oil at home is just the same as making hash oil or CBD oil. Please see the video above, it will explain all the steps you on how to make hemp oil.

Using Ethanol to make CBD oil method

This ethanol ethyl alcohol recipe uses high-grade alcohol to extract CBD oil.

Grind the cannabis plant, mix it with the alcohol, and then heat gently over a couple of days to evaporate all of the alcohol, leaving behind the extracted cannabis oil. You can make it at home, but be careful as using high-proof ethanol can be dangerous. Use safety equipment and care to avoid a fire from the evaporating alcohol.

If you’re a visual learner, you can check out our video above featuring our local cannabis expert Jules, who will show you through the process of using the Magical Butter Machine.

What you will need to make CBD oil at home

Firstly you need some cannabis flowers. The strain of cannabis you use will determine the makeup and strength of your CBD oil, including the ratio of CBD to THC.

Making CBD oil at home means you have more control over the quality of ingredients used to make the oil.

For example, if you use high-CBD hemp flower in your recipe; using flower instead of trim creates a higher quality oil product. If you’d prefer to make marijuana oil, you’ll need to source marijuana flowers.

How to make CBD oil from leaves and stems at home

How to make CBD oil from leaves and stems at home is as easy as using cannabis flowers or cannabis heads. See the above recipe.

Ingredients to make CBD oil

1/4 ounce of hemp flowers
Baking sheet
Parchment paper
High-proof alcohol Everclear
Glass jar with lid
Tea strainer
1 oz. glass bottle with eye dropper

Method to make CBD oil

Check out the video by combining the hemp flowers and the 95% alcohol in the magic butter machine and away you go. But first, you have to “decarb” the flowers. Either in your oven or in the Magic Butter machine.

How to make cannabis oil

How to make cannabis oil is the same as making CBD oil, however, the result will be different as you will have THC in your cannabis oil.

Magical Butter Machine Method

Step 1 Decarb (Decarboxylate)

  1. Add your whole cannabis flower to the MagicalButter DecarBox and close the lid.
  2. Insert the temperature probe in about halfway, it should not touch the bottom of the box.
  3. Using the external digital display, set the temperature to 135°C.
  4. Set the oven to 135°C (275°F) and place the DecarBox inside, keeping the display outside.
  5. When the oven reaches 135°C, the digital display will alert you with a beep. Set a timer for 60 minutes.
  6. After 60 minutes, remove the DecarBox from the oven using the silicone glove and remove the lid. Let the cannabis cool down to room temperature for about 10 minutes.

Step 2: Infusion

The Magical Butter Machine produces consistent results with every use due to the electronic technology that maintains a constant temperature throughout the extraction cycle.

Add the “decarb” flowers and the alcohol, follow the instructions and you will have organic CBD oil in no time.

Organic CBD oil benefits

Organic CBD oil tincture or hash oil has many benefits. Some of them are:

  • Could reduce symptoms related to some mental health disorders
  • It may benefit your heart health
  • It may have neuroprotective properties
  • Other potential benefits
  • May relieve pain
  • It may alleviate certain cancer-related symptoms

Other products you can make

The recipe to make CBD oil can be used to make weed oil, THC oil, cannabis oil and hash oil, using your own homegrown products.

Binoid CBD Source:

Is it legal to make CBD oil at home?

For those looking to save money, making your own CBD oil at home is an excellent choice. However, is it legal to make your own CBD oil? The answer is yes. If you decide to make CBD oil using pure CBD isolate and pure alcohol the process is entirely legal. Pure CBD isolate contains nothing but CBD and is legal in all Australian states.  If you are using CBD oil to make a tincture, you’ll want to be sure to get lab results to ensure that the oil contains less than 0.3% THC, otherwise…… But, it is illegal to sell CBD oil or even give it away to anyone.

What is organic CBD oil?

CBD isolate is a true ‘CBD or CBD oil’ because an isolate only contains CBD (cannabidiol) and does not contain any other cannabinoids, terpenes, or healthy fatty acids from the plant. Most companies sell isolate as a crystal or a powder, however, some sell it as an oil.
In this article, the terms CBD oil and cannabis oil will be used interchangeably. Technically speaking, ‘CBD oil’ refers to cannabis oil that contains just CBD and a few other cannabinoids. However, many people use the term ‘CBD oil’ to mean any oil containing active ingredients from the cannabis plant.

Where to buy organic CBD oil in Australia?

If you’re wondering where to buy CBD oil in Australia, you can shop online at Can Do Organics for all your CBD oil and hemp products. They offer free shipping to all major Australian cities including Adelaide, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast and anywhere else.
Australian customers can also now access CBD oil in Australia through Bitola Organics CBD Oil Australia initiative. They provide shipping of CBD oil products and hemp oil products to Australia for a flat rate. Their range includes CBD oil products for both pets and personal use. All Bitola Organics CBD products are THC-free.

Advantages of organic CBD oil over regular CBD oil

If you’re looking to buy CBD oil, you can be confident in your purchase from Transcending Organics. They produce the highest quality CBD oil from whole plant extract, containing phytocannabinoids and terpenes. This makes for a superior product to CBD isolate, with the included terpenes boosting the beneficial characteristics of the CBD oil.
Full-spectrum CBD oil is very different from CBD isolate. We say this because full-spectrum CBD oil has CBD and all of the other cannabinoids (including THC), terpenes and fatty acids that naturally occur in the cannabis plant. Full-spectrum CBD is often called a full or whole plant extract.


How to make CBD oil using organic alcohol and making your own herbal CBD oil tincture, make it at home, can be beneficial. It can save you a lot of money.

Then, you will know exactly what’s in your organic CBD oil tincture and you may have some of the above benefits.

Good luck.


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