Organic Everclear Alcohol 250 mL

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Organic Everclear Alcohol 250 mL

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Product Information

Organic high proof alcohol is the only 190 proof alcohol available in Australia in small amounts. Use this pure alcohol for tinctures and limoncello. 250 mL bottles

Alcohol 95% or 190 proof alcohol for tinctures

Our Everclear alcohol is the only organic alcohol, grape alcohol made in Australia suitable for tinctures. "Made by a man in a shed with his hands". We are very proud to be the only certified distillery in Australia making our own brandy alcohol that is overproof alcohol made in Australia. Such a dedicated approach to creating our own 95 alcohol is rarely seen in the industry and offers you a first-hand experience from vine to bottle. 

Organic grape alcohol is not double distilled but distilled many times to produce the purest natural spirit. It is not aged in oak.  This pure high proof alcohol Everclear spirit is bottled directly from the still.   

What is Tincture alcohol?

Tincture alcohol, commonly known as a tincture, is a liquid extract made by dissolving herbal or medicinal substances in alcohol. The alcohol serves as a solvent, extracting the active compounds and essential oils from the plant material, thereby creating a concentrated solution. This method of extraction has been utilised for centuries, preserving the medicinal properties of various herbs and plants.

Tinctures are revered for their potency and ease of administration, often used in herbal medicine for their therapeutic benefits. Due to their high concentration, only small doses are required, making them a convenient and effective way to consume herbal remedies.

Tincture alcohol acts as a preservative, ensuring the stability and shelf life of the extracted compounds. As a winemaker and proprietor, I appreciate the synergy between traditional herbal practices and the meticulous artistry of crafting potent solutions, emphasizing the importance of natural remedies in the modern world.

Pure Alcohol Packaging

Our organic alcohol comes in 250 ml HDPE bottles.Use this pure grape alcohol for herbal tinctures and extraction of flavours from herbs and spices. 

Alternative to 190 proof grain alcohol in Australia

This is an alternative to 190 proof grain alcohol Australia, Polmos Spirytus Rektyfikowany and Everclear Australia. This neutral alcohol 95 is an alternative to buying "grain alcohol 190 proof Australia", or "pure grain alcohol Australia" or "190 proof alcohol Australia" or "pure alcohol for limoncello" and is the strongest alcohol in Australia.

Pure 95% ethyl alcohol, 95 alcohol, undenatured ethyl alcohol is potable alcohol suitable for applications where the higher odour or presence of other denaturants makes store-bought methylated spirits unsuitable.

External use ONLY

You will see on the pure alcohol label it says, "External Use Only". Why does it say this? It is because internal use of 95% ethanol alcohol straight from the bottle will kill you. You, the consumer. However, if you are making organic limoncello or a tincture and following the proper recipe you will find that an alcohol level lower than 40% will be OK to consume. 

NB This 95% per cent or 190 proof alcohol is NOT for drinking unless diluted to less than 80 proof or 40% by volume. This high proof alcohol is for medicinal purposes only, ideal for hand sanitiser CBD tinctures or natural perfume base.

Good luck with whatever process you are using.

What can I use instead of pure grain alcohol 95 or grain spirit?

Where to buy organic grain alcohol?

Instead of Golden Grain alcohol or natural pure grain alcohol, 95% by volume, for tinctures, herbal essences and extraction of elements from herbs, organic 95% alcohol will do the same job as grain alcohol or Everclear.

This pure high proof alcohol has no sulphites or any other chemicals or filtering agent added.  ie No additives, no perfumes, no oils, no sugar, gluten-free, no fat, no acid added in these products, just made from fermented grapes. The organic alcohol for tinctures has a content is 95% by volume or 190 proof alcohol by volume.  Also known as Everclear in the USA, but typically called Grape Spirit in Australia.

What proof alcohol for tinctures

When selecting the appropriate proof alcohol for tinctures, it's essential to consider both effectiveness and safety. A commonly used option is 80 proof alcohol, which contains 40% alcohol by volume. This concentration strikes a balance between efficient extraction of desired compounds from herbs or botanicals and ensuring preservation. However, for more potent extractions, such as those involving CBD from hemp or cannabis plants, 190 proof alcohol, with 95% alcohol by volume, may be preferred. Its high ethanol concentration facilitates robust extraction of cannabinoids and terpenes. Nonetheless, factors such as local regulations, safety considerations, and desired end product characteristics should guide the choice of alcohol proof for tinctures.

Why the organic alcohol price?

Besides the price of the organic ingredients; (grapes are much more expensive than wheat or sugar), 10% is G.S.T. and the remainder is labour and Australian Excise Tax.

What is the strongest alcohol in Australia?

96.1 per cent is the strongest alcohol in Australia, but it is NOT for drinking straight up and it is definitely overproof ethanol. We have seen it used to make limoncello, herbal tinctures, hand sanitiser and herbal remedies. Sometimes this is also called neutral brandy alcohol or SVR (Spiritus Vinum Rectificatum), pure ethanol or neutral grape alcohol.

So the highest proof alcohol in Australia is 96 per cent, but we sell it to you marked as 95% alcohol.

However, Harris Organic neutral brandy is not carbon filtered, so it is not as "neutral" as the industrial spirit. This high-proof alcohol is not denatured so it is fit for human consumption in a diluted form. 

The bottle label also says grape alcohol is highly flammable, so you should treat it like petrol. Therefore, we recommend that you don't use it near a naked flame or drink it without diluting it to less than 50% or 100 proof.

Making Cannabis oil at home

If you want to try your hand at making CBD Oilat home or the Green Dragon check out these websites.

Here is another about Cannabis extraction. and another advances-in-cannabis-extraction-techniques

I like home-distillers dot org. It has been around for a long time and has the most valuable information on distilling and herbal extraction

Questions about Pure Alcohol

I was also wondering if your Organic Grape Alcoholhas an expiration date, and are there any special legal or permit requirements I need to fulfil to have it delivered to my door on the Sunshine Coast in Australia?

Answer:Organic Grape Alcohol does not have an expiry date. Pure alcohol is a preservative in itself. it is also the same as ethanol and ethyl alcohol.

We can have grain alcohol delivered to your door anywhere in Australia.

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