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Organic high proof alcohol is the only 190 proof alcohol available in Australia in small amounts, up to 4 bottles per order. Use this pure alcohol for Absinthe, tinctures and limoncello, it comes in 500 mL bottles.

Alcohol 95% or 190 proof alcohol for tinctures

Our pure alcohol is the only organic alcohol, grape alcohol made in Australia. "Made by a man in a shed with his hands". We are very proud to be the only certified distillery in Australia making our own brandy alcohol that is overproof alcohol made in Australia. Such a dedicated approach to creating our own 95 alcohol is rarely seen in the industry and offers you a first-hand experience from vine to bottle. 

Organic grape alcohol is not double distilled but distilled many times to produce the purest natural spirit alcohol. It is not aged in oak.  This pure high proof alcohol Everclear spirit is bottled directly from the still.   

Everclear substitute Australia

Alternatives that serve similar purposes in recipes that call for Everclear.  Use Harris high percentage alcohol 95, neutral spirit, as an Everclear substitute in Australia.

Pure Alcohol Packaging

Our organic alcohol comes in 500 ml HDPE bottles.  Use this pure grape alcohol for making herbal tinctures and extraction of ingredients and flavours from herbs and spices, like Absinthe

External use ONLY

You will see on the pure alcohol label it says, "External Use Only". Why does it say this? It is because internal use of 95% ethanol alcohol straight from the bottle will kill you. You, the consumer.

However, if you are making organic limoncello or a tincture and following the proper recipe you will find that an alcohol level lower than 40% will be OK to consume. 

NB This 95% per cent or 190 proof alcohol is NOT for drinking unless diluted to less than 100 proof or 40% by volume. This high proof alcohol is for medicinal purposes only, ideal for tinctures or natural spirit alcohol perfume base.

Good luck with whatever process you are using.

Why the organic alcohol price?

The price of organic alcohol is typically higher than that of conventional alcohol due to a combination of factors. Firstly, organic alcohol production requires adhering to stringent organic farming practices, which involve using organic ingredients and avoiding synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. These practices increase the cost of raw materials and production processes.

Additionally, organic certification processes, which involve rigorous testing and auditing, incur additional expenses. Moreover, the growing demand for organic alcohol, coupled with limited supply, contributes to the higher price.

Despite the elevated cost, many consumers are willing to pay the premium for organic alcohol due to its perceived health benefits and support for sustainable farming practices.

Besides the price of the organic ingredients; (grapes are much more expensive than wheat or sugar), 10% is G.S.T. and the remainder is distilling, labour and Australian Excise Tax.

What is the strongest alcohol in Australia?  

Neutral Spirit Australia

The strongest alcohol in Australia is 96.1% ethanol, also known as neutral spirit alcohol, rectified spirit alcohol or overproof ethanol. However, it is important to note that this high-alcohol percentage drink is not meant to be consumed straight from the bottle. It is primarily used for various purposes such as making limoncello, herbal tinctures, hand sanitiser, and herbal remedies.

Sometimes referred to as neutral spirit Australia or neutral brandy alcohol, SVR (Spiritus Vinum Rectificatum), pure ethanol, or neutral grape alcohol, this concentrated ethanol is not intended for direct consumption. We recommend diluting it to a drinking strength of around 40% ABV. Consuming high-alcohol percentage drinks can be harmful and may potentially damage your stomach lining or cause poisoning.

While the highest proof alcohol available is 96%, it is typically sold as 95% due to labelling regulations. It is worth noting that our neutral brandy, unlike industrial spirit, is not carbon filtered, so it may not be as "neutral" in taste. This organic high-proof alcohol is fit for human consumption when properly diluted and is not denatured.

Please be aware that grape alcohol is highly flammable, similar to petrol. It is essential to handle it cautiously and avoid using it near open flames. It is strongly recommended not to drink it without diluting it to less than 50% ABV or 100 proof. Dilution ensures a safer consumption experience.

Where to buy alcohol or high-proof alcohol in Australia?

Harris Organic does not make pure alcohol, or Everclear alcohol Australia from "just anything" as they use organic grapes for their strong alcohol production. In Australia, pure alcohol for tinctures or limoncello can be anything that contains alcohol. Depending on the herbs, alcohol from 80 proof (40%) to 190 proof (95% alc) can be used to extract the essential elements of the fruit or herbs.

Ethyl alcohol uses

Ethanol - Ethyl alcohol is found in diluted form in alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and spirits. It serves as a topical agent to prevent skin infections and is utilized in pharmaceutical products such as rubbing compounds, lotions, tinctures, tonics, and colognes. Additionally, it is a component of cosmetics and perfumes.

Ethanol can also be part of ethanol-blended fuels and serves as an industrial solvent for fats, oils, waxes, resins, and hydrocarbons. This versatile substance is used in the production of various chemical compounds, lacquers, plastics, and plasticizers, as well as rubber and rubber accelerators.

It finds applications in aerosols, mouthwash products, soaps, cleaning preparations, polishes, surface coatings, dyes, inks, adhesives, preservatives, pesticides, explosives, petrol additives/substitutes, elastomers, antifreeze, yeast growth mediums, and both human and veterinary medicines. Additionally, it acts as a dehydrating agent in various processes.

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I purchased this product for use in natural perfumery and what a fantastic find. It has a slightly sweet nose which really enhances certain blends. The care that goes into producing each bottle and its being organic is a big advantage for any natural perfumer - highly recommend. (6 Aug 2020, 08:21)
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