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Cream Sherry Wine

This Australian Cream Sherry wine has a light golden colour. This organic white port is a fortified Cream Sherry wine with a palate of creamy peach, pear and toffee flavours. Sometimes described as a sweet Cream Sherry - this wine has a sweet yet complex finish and a great balance. The sherry alcohol percentage is 16%.

Our Label has the name "Creme de Vin" on it, meaning Cream of Sherry Wine and the sherry name in Australia is now called Cream Apera or Apera.

Sometimes this sweet Cream Sherry wine is called "Cream", it is a fortified Cream Sherry wine with a creamy texture.

Delightful with a dessert of stewed apples or pears with ice cream or cream or on its own, a soft fortified sweet white dessert wine with 16% alcohol.  Now available in 750 mL bottles. We call it Creme de Vin, said with a French accent!  Duncan calls this his "Secret Weapon".

May be served chilled, or with ice blocks and a slice of lemon.  Keep the cream sherry in the refrigerator after opening.

What is sherry called in Australia, you ask? 

Sherry is a protected term under European Union law, and can only be used for wines produced in certain regions of Spain. In Australia, similar fortified wines are produced, but they are typically referred to as "Apera" to avoid infringing on the protected name.

In 2010, the Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation agreed to phase out the use of the term "sherry" for Australian fortified wines and recommended the use of the term "Apera" instead. Therefore, if you are in Australia and looking for a fortified wine similar to sherry, you are likely to find it labelled as "Apera or Cream."

We used to have sweet sherry, medium sherry and dry sherry. These names are now called Pedro Ximenez, Cream Apera, and Flor or Fleur de Madeleine at Harris Organic Wines and Spirits.

What is Cream Sherry called in Australia?

Cream sherry is the general name for different kinds of fortified sweet sherries. "Cream" is the name of sweet sherry or sweet Cream apera in Australia is usually produced by blending a dry white wine like Oloroso style wine with naturally sweet Pedro Ximénez or grape juice concentrate. However, our certified organic Cream Sherry is a fortified sweet white wine, made by arresting the fermentation with organic brandy spirit.  Now known as cream or cream apera or Apera Cream. We call it Creme de Vin.

Similar to "sherry," the term "Cream Sherry" is also a protected name under European Union law and can only be used for wines produced in certain regions of Spain. In Australia, fortified wines that are similar in style to Cream Sherry are commonly known as "Topaque" or "Tokay."

However, in recent years, the use of the term "Tokay" has been phased out due to a trade agreement with Hungary, which also produces a wine called Tokaji. Therefore, Australian producers now use the term "Topaque" to describe their fortified wine that is similar in style to Cream Sherry.

What is Cream Apera called in Australia?

Cream Apera is the name given by Australian winemakers instead of the name Sherry. The name "Apera", gives hints of an aperative or aperitif, that is a drink you have before a meal. We are allowed to use the name cream, even though there is no cream in the sweet wine.

Buy white Cream Sherry wine online, right here. You will be delighted.

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