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Liqueur Muscat Wine

My newly released Classic Liqueur Muscat wine won a silver medal at the 2019 Swan Valley Wine Show and voted in the top 25 wines of WA at the inaugural WAGFG WA Wine of the Year Award.

The late picked "Muscat a petit grains rouge" from our Swan Valley organic vineyard was crushed and fermented with our natural yeast to 15 Baume'.  Then, after basket pressing and transferring to an open fermenter, the ferment continued at 25C.  Once the sugar level was to that desired by the winemaker, the wine was fortified with neutral brandy spirit to retain the fresh fruit flavours and then stored in oak barriques and cellared underground for long-term maturation.

After many seasons the wine was bottled. This fortified wine has neutral brandy alcohol added, however, it is clarified and filtered. A beautiful "classic" muscat dessert sweet wine. This wine is a blend of our vintages starting with the first 2004 vintage with an average age of over 15 years.

This rich and luscious wine is available in 375ml and 750 mL bottles.

How long does Muscat last once opened?

How long does Muscat last once opened is a popular question. The thick luscious liqueurs of the Swan Valley are a very stable wine.

Muscat, after opening, typically lasts for several weeks to a few months if stored properly. The stability of Swan Valley's luscious liqueurs is due to their inherent characteristics and the winemaking process. Proper storage, avoiding exposure to air and light, enhances the longevity of opened Muscat bottles. Environmental conditions play a role; maintaining a consistent temperature also contributes to preserving the wine's quality over time.

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