Embrace Pure Elegance: Clear Organic Brandy Straight from the Still

  • Organic unwooded brandy

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Unleash the Exquisite Delight of Clear Organic Brandy

Indulge in the pure essence of clear organic brandy, a meticulously crafted grape spirit that transcends tradition. Unlike its oak-aged counterparts, this Eau de Vie is a pristine embodiment of unadulterated elegance, bottled straight from the still to preserve its natural allure. With a tantalisingly fruity profile and an unmistakable touch of refinement, each 750mL bottle offers a sensory journey like no other.

Our commitment to purity extends beyond taste, as our clear brandy remains untainted by sulphites, chemicals, or filtering agents, making it a beacon of gluten-free and Certified Organic excellence.

At the forefront of organic distillation in Australia, we take immense pride in our role as the sole certified organic distillery crafting this exceptional spirit. Our unwavering dedication to the craft ensures that every sip of our clear  brandy encapsulates the essence of the vineyard, offering connoisseurs a rare glimpse into the journey from grapevine to glass. Known affectionately as eau-de-vie in the heart of France, our single vintage clear brandy bears the hallmark of authenticity, with each bottle proudly hand-labelled.

With a gluten-free, preservative-free composition and an alcohol content of 40%, our clear brandy beckons as the ideal choice for both sipping and culinary creations, from invigorating tinctures to tantalising preserves.

Please note, that due to the limited production of this exquisite spirit, the front label simply states "unwooded brandy." Embrace the allure of these white alcohols, and clear organic brandy by ordering online today and elevate your libation experience to new heights.

Duncan's version.

Clear organic brandy is a distilled grape spirit that is not aged in oak, also called Eau de Vie.  This clear brandy white spirit is bottled directly from the still.  It has a fruity and elegant flavour with a fruity character.  750mL bottles. We use refined brandy for fortifying our own organic dessert wine and port wine.

This unwooded clear brandy has no sulphites or any other chemicals or filtering agent added and is gluten-free. and Certified Organic.

We are very proud to be the only certified organic distillery in Australia making our clear brandy spirit. Such a dedicated approach to creating our brandy alcohol is rarely seen in the industry and offers you a first-hand experience from grapevine to bottle. Also known as Eau-de-vie in France.

NO GLUTEN and preservative-free, alcohol is 40%. suitable for drinking, tinctures and preserves.

NB as this clear brandy is bottled in small quantities, the front label will say Unwooded Brandy.  You can order clear brandy online here.

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Organic Brandy - Unwooded

Hi Duncan. I have received the organic brandy; it tastes and smells amazing! It will be perfect for tinctures. Sam. Sam (12 Mar 2020, 13:49)
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