Pedro Ximenez - Sherry

Pedro Ximenez - Sherry

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"This exquisite organic pedro ximenez dessert wine is a favourite served as an aperitif or with desserts". The current release is the bronze medal awarded 2009 vintage. 

Did You Know

Pedro ximénez is probably the sweetest wine in the world? Despite this, its complexity of aroma and flavour make it fresh and harmonious on the palate as a result of the natural process of raisining by “asoleo”, or drying the ripening grapes on the vine. This concentrates the grape sugars but also the grapes natural acidity.

Use by date

Alice has asked if these wines have a use-by date. Like all good wines, there are no use-by dates. The oldest wines of this style, I know of, was made in 1965 and are still drinking perfectly. All I can suggest that your bottles should be recorked every 20 years. This wine is a sherry style, fortified to produce a luscious liqueur PX Sherry style. For more information on our pedro ximenez, PX.
See the website for our recipe for Pedro Pancakes. Organic pedro ximenez sherry.

Where to buy pedro ximenez sherry?

Where to buy pedro ximenez sherry? Right here as we sell direct to you, through our online organic sherry shop, our organic pedro ximenez price and quality are better than anywhere. If you want certified organic pedro ximenez, you will find ONLY ONE place in the universe selling it. 

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