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This natural Pedro Ximenez port wine has a burnished golden colour with flavours of honey and butterscotch. Buy the best Pedro Ximenez sherry wine which has a sweet but deeply complex finish that is beautifully balanced. It has no added preservative (NAP) nor alcoholic fortification - it is one of our unique 100% natural wines. The dessert wine alcohol content is only 11% and is available in 375mL bottles.

"This unique and exquisite natural dessert wine is a favourite served as an aperitif or with desserts". Made in Australia from the 2012 vintage, Pedro Ximenez. 

Alice has asked if these PX sherry preservative-free wines have a use-by date. Like all good wines, there are no use-by dates. The oldest wines of this unique style were made in 1995 and are still drinking perfectly. All I can suggest is that your bottles should be recorked every 20 years. This wine is not a sherry style, however, subsequent vintages have been fortified to produce a liqueur PX sherry style.

This wine is unfined and unfiltered and may "throw "harmless sediment in the bottle.

Thinking of Easter now is the time for Easter pudding making, check out Nigella's recipe.

See the website link for the recipe for pancakes with Pedro sherry. Organic Pedro Ximenez.

Where to buy Pedro Ximenez sherry wine?

Right here is the place to buy organic Pedro Ximenez sherry wine online.

Pedro Ximenez port winemaking

Very sweet and ripe and sun-dried organic Pedro Ximenez grapes are crushed and de-stemmed before being pumped into a ceramic fermenting tank. The PX grape ferment is started with natural yeasts and continues at 20C until the ferment has proceeded through about 3 degrees of sugar reduction so the skins float.

The skins are drained and shovelled by hand into a basket pressed, the juice returned to an open fermenter under the winery verandah. The ferment continues at 20 degrees Celsius until the winemaker determines it is the correct time. Once the ferment has stopped the wine is pumped to oak hogsheads for underground cellaring and maturation. After a minimum of four years, the Pedro port wine is bottled and sealed.

Fortified Sweet Pedro Ximenez Port 

If you would like a sweet Pedro Ximenez port wine with a higher alcohol content then we suggest you try the Pedro Ximenez sherry style. Its dessert wine alcohol content is 18.5% alcohol by volume. You will find it just as sweet as the Pedro Ximenez dessert wine but in an Australian fortified style.

Port alcohol content

The alcohol content of port is usually between 17 and 21 per cent of alcohol. This is about twice the percentage of normal dry wine. Port is a fortified wine, ie, the wine is strengthened with a brandy spirit to increase the alcohol content and maintain its sweetness over a long period. At Harris Organic our ports are usually 18 to 19 % alcohol by volume

Cheap Pedro Ximenez port

Enjoy Pedro Ximenez in front of the fire this evening with a 5L container of bulk Pedro Ximenes port wine. It is sweet and delicious and won't cost a lot of money to enjoy this sweet sherry wine.

What is Pedro Ximenez Port?

Pedro Ximenez Port is sherry wine is a fortified wine made in Spain, whereas in Portugal a fortified wine is called a Port wine. In Australia, we used to use these names, but now we use terms like fortified red wine, fortified white wine, apera, Topaque and varietal names like Pedro Ximenez.

Pedro Ximenez sherry is made from a white Spanish sherry grape variety called Pedro Ximenez. Sometimes the Spanish sherry grape is called Pedro Ximenes or just PX or Pedro X. It is grown in Spain and has been made into sherry wine for centuries.

Is Pedro Ximenez wine vegan?

Yes, pedro Ximenez wine is vegan as it has no animal products added.

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