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Harris Organic is the only certified organic vineyard in Perth.

Events and News

Harris Organic Events

Harris Organic Wines has many events throughout the year, choose from Sunday morning walks, sun-downers, long table lunches, pruning for pizza and many more..

We like producing monthly newsletters for you to read and we invite you to enjoy.

The Harris organic vineyard (where our wine begins) is carefully tended by Duncan Harris, owner and winemaker.

Every month we write a newsletter to winery friends and family to update whats happening in the Swan Valley and any specials we may have.

Usually we write about upcoming events and wine specials that come up from time to time. Other times we have a segment about what is happening in the organic vineyard.

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Month Season Activity
January Summer Start of Vintage
February Summer Vintage in full swing
March Autumn Red Grape Harvest time - Grape pickers breakfast
April Autumn End of Vintage celebration
May End Autumn Vodka and Brandy Eves
June Start of Winter Distilling the last of the Eau de Vie
July Winter Pruning starts
August Winter Pruning continues- pruning for pizza
September Spring is here Bud burst
October Spring Vine training and spring lunches
November Spring Bottling the vintage wines
December Summer Getting ready for Christmas