Interesting facts about a Swan Valley Winery

Here are some interesting facts asked of Duncan Harris, owner and winemaker at Harris Organic Wines, when interviewed.

What are 4 interesting facts that you would like people to know about your Swan Valley winery, Harris Organic Wine and Spirits

Some of the interesting facts about Harris Organic Wine are:

  • Claims to have the only certified organic liqueurs made from grapes in the world
  • Is the only certified organic block of land in the Perth metropolitan area.
  • Makes the only certified organic brandy in Australia
  • Be Number one on Google for “Organic Wine Perth”

Which organic wine is your best seller?

Organic Rose’ wine and our dry white wine Verdelho are the best selling organic wines

Winemakers favourite organic wine you have on your current portfolio.

Our organic Shiraz red wine, because it is a wonderful grape for the Swan Valley climate, the rich duplex soil we have and the elegance and richness the organic shiraz produces. Ask at the cellar door what is the best shiraz you have.

What do you feel sets you apart from all the other wineries in the region?

What sets you apart from all the other wineries in the Swan Valley wine region. We are certified organic because we believe in looking after the planet and being as sustainable as possible. We have lots of solar power and an electric lawnmower. We use no herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers. Who wants to drink herbicide residues with your wine?

Do you have a resident “winery dog” and what’s their name?

The resident cat’s name is Rosie and our vicious dog whose name was Lucy. Sadly Lucy was bitten and killed by a large hound that had escaped from a neighbouring property. Both are 2011 vintage. They love visitors who don’t bring their four-legged friends. They are the boss.

What is your winery’s ‘birthday’?

Our Swan Valley wineries birthday is on the first of January. We were established in 1998 and our cellar door opened on the 1st of January 2000.

How old are your oldest organic vines and what variety are they?

What are our oldest vines? The first vines planted were organic Shiraz planted in 1999. There are 900 vines of dry-grown shiraz.

Where are your organic wines distributed?

Our organic wines are available through our Cellar door and one bottle shop in Perth, Wembley Downs Liquor Barons. Another, in Geraldton WA and organic wine online through our organic wine store website.

Which organic wine is your most awarded? Do you have any recent winery awards you would like to boast about?

We have many medals awarded over 20 years of wine shows. Gold medals have been awarded for our shiraz liqueurs and vintage ports. We received a silver medal for the 2009 Liqueur Shiraz and a bronze medal 2018 Chenin blanc from the 2019 Swan Valley wine Show.

 Lastly, are there any special organic wine deals?

Are there any special organic wine deals? As we have special deals occasionally, it is always good to ask. Just ask at the cellar door. There is always a special at our cellar door in Perth’s Swan Valley Wine Region or join our wine club for discounted wine.

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