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"When you find an organic wine you like and you can save when you join the Organic Wine Club Membership."

Why Join Organic Wine Subscriptions - Perth?

There are many good reasons for joining an organic wine club with online wine subscription, and an organic one is even better. When you join you know that you are supporting a local small business. An organic business cares for the soil and environment too.

Some claim to have the best wine club in Perth, Australia, however we are too modest to make that claim. There are many benefits to supporting a local small winery, with personal service and the best organic wine subscriptions of delicious West Australian organic wines delivered to your door.

We offer personalised service, a guarantee and a choice every quarter for wine delivery.

Join Harris Organic Wine Club to get wines you like with a big discount - we'd love to send you a mixed case (6 or 12) of organic wine every 3 months. If you choose the 12 bottle pack, you receive 48 bottles per year, that's about one bottle per week.

Come and join our organic wine club

Organic Wine - Swan Valley Winery from Harris Organic Wines on Youtube.

What's the offer for your yarly Wine Club Subscription Membership?

Harris Organic Wine has founded an Organic Wine Club wine club subscription and we would like to invite you to become a member to enjoy the benefits listed below. Each 6 or 12 bottle case will be picked by you or the winemaker - with a 15% discount from the recommended retail bottle price. You can order any of the range you like, as long as you email Harris Organic before the delivery week and still receive your order with a discount.

Offer for club members – when you subsctribe you will receive a mixed case of a wide range of our organic wines of your choice every three months – from full-bodied reds and dry white table wines through to luscious dessert wines and traditional method sparkling wine with a big discount on the recommended retail price.

Each wine subscription carton can be to your liking, just mark on the application form what you like, otherwise each mixed case will be different according to the season – picked by the winemaker - for instance, if you order the 6 pack now you will get wines of your choice.

Do I get a choice of Organic Wines?

Yes, you can choose from any of our range, assuming it is in stock. Just check out all our wines at our online shop here: Organic wine range. You can email or call the winemaker direct on 0892960216 and discuss at anytime.

Australian deliveries of each case, every quarter containing six (6) or 12 bottles.

Your cases selections will be sent out in early March, June, September and December – these are great times of the year from traditional method sparkling at Christmas and New Year to some lusciously seductive dessert wines in autumn, full-bodied warm reds in winter as well and look then forward to the chilled organic verdelho at a Spring luncheon.

Wine Club Member Benefits

Other member benefits include advanced notice of special events at Harris Organic Wines such as our organic summer sundowners, degustations, festivals, tours and new release tasting events. Don’t forget, once a member, you can order any wines at a discount at any time of year through our online wine shop with a special “wine club” code. Whether it is a special museum bottle for that good friend or just to stock up for your cellar.
I agree to the following Conditions:

• Minimum wine membership commitment is one year of four (4) deliveries. Should you cancel your wine membership in writing before your annual renewal, you will forfeit the $50.00 membership fee.
• A $50 discount will be offered on your 4th delivery.
• Members must purchase a minimum of (6 bottles) per delivery.
• If you are away and unable to accept delivery you may extend your commitment for three months or let your friends have an early Christmas present. Further delays are not acceptable.
• Credit cards will be debited at the time of despatch.
• Delivery via Australia Post will be "left in a safe place" on your premises. A receipted delivery may be requested. If you choose this option someone over 18 will have to sign for the wine delivery.
• Credit card details you provide for the purpose of wine subscription purchases and all details are maintained with strict confidentiality.
One week prior to shipment, an email will be sent to you. If the winery does not hear from you within 7 days, it is understood that you agree to receive a similar shipment as previous, however, we may call you to confirm.

Join the organic wine subscription - Perth

Is the organic wine quality guaranteed?

*Quality Guarantee – if you are not completely satisfied with a particular organic wine from any wine subscription selection, it will be replaced with one of your choice at no charge.

In the offer, you will find you also have the choice of a range of organic wines, ie. all organic red wine subscription, or organic white wines, or a mix of each wine. Just tell us what you like and you can change it at anytime, ready for the next delivery. Organic wine prices below are for 6 or 12 bottle cases.

Organic wine subscription members, also receive invitations to free events and specials.

To provide you as an organic Wine Club member with the very best selection of organic wines in my cellar, we have decided to limit our Club to 50 members. When we reach this number, new membership will only be available when someone else drops out. This way we can be sure of keeping museum stocks and small reserve parcels exclusively for our members.

Organic Wine Loyalty Programme

When you buy our organic wine at our Swan Valley cellar door we will give you a loyalty card as part of our loyalty programme.
When you purchase 12 bottles and receive twelve stamps, we will give you a free bottle of organic wine of your choice. How good is that.

Organic Wine Subscription Box

All our organic subscription wine boxes are delivered to you whether you are in Perth, or anywhere in Australia via Australia Post.
A receipted delivery can be requested when you sign up to our organic wine club so your wine subscription remains secure or you can have it left at the local post office for collection.
We normally ask the postie to leave your organic wine subscription box in a safe place.

Monthly Wine Subscription

If you would like a monthly wine subscription, we can organise to have a carton of organic wine delivered to you. Call Duncan on 0892960216 to discuss.

Vintage Organic Wine Price Wine Club Price Sign up here
NV White Port $35 $30 Join natural wine box subscription australia
2019 Verdelho $24 $22.10 Join the red wine subscription australia
2018 Chardonnay $29 $25.10 Join the best wine subscription australia
2017 Chardonnay - Sparkling $38 $33 Australian wine subscription
2016 Shiraz - Sparkling $42 $37 Get a wine subscription australia
2018 Chenin Blanc $27 $23 Get a organic wine subscription box
2017 Shiraz $35 $30 Buy wine subscription online
2019 Malbec $49 $42 Organic loyalty programme box
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